Okay where can I get a concord frigate and for how much?

Just would like to know were I could

Do you know what would really look great on the Astero?

A Police Skin 4 Vinnie :police_car: :man_police_officer: :shipitparrot: and Charlie would be grand!

If it’s available, more than likely it would be in Jita Market and or Public Contracts…

Concord ships:

Covert Ops Frigate - Pacifier

The Pacifier was issued to all Fanfest 2017 ticket purchasers.
A single run blueprint copy is given as a reward for reaching level 50 in Project Discovery: Exoplanets.

Flag Cruiser - Monitor (FC Ship)

The Monitor is the first Flag Cruiser to come to New Eden. It has no offensive abilities whatsoever aside from being able to fit a minimal-strength target painter. In exchange, it is exceptionally durable, having 183k base EHP combined with the signature radius of a Frigate. Unlike other CONCORD ships, Monitors are not special edition ships, and BPCs can be acquired through the CONCORD LP store.

Covert Ops Recon Cruiser - Enforcer

An Enforcer was issued to those who bought their Fanfest 2017 tickets before 2017/01/01.
A 1-run Enforcer BPC was a reward for reaching level 150 in Project Discovery: Exoplanets.
A 1-run Enforcer BPC can be obtained as a recruiter benefit, for recruiting ten friends, via CCP’s Recruit a Friend program

Black Ops Battleship - Marshal

Initially only available as a redeemable code to attendees of EVE Vegas 2017, BPCs are acquirable either as the level 500 reward of Project Discovery: Exoplanets or as a reward for recruiting 40 players in the Recruit a Friend program, provided those recruits buy Omega game time on the EVE Online Website.

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