BPC Reward for Achieving Faction Standings

I’ve been playing for a couple of years now and have been increasing my faction standings by repeating all of the epic arcs as often as I can.

I was reading the uni-wiki standings page and it indicates that when certain standing levels are achieved that a faction BPC or implant is awarded. I guess the first question is does anyone know if that is still true? The next question is what kind of BPCs are awarded?

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I’ve not seen anything to say that this has been removed from the game. In the past you could find the information about these offers on the now defunct Evelopedia under “COSMOS Faction Ship” or something very similar.

IIRC Fuzzwork has a mirror of the Evelopedia so you don’t need to go to the Wayback Machine, and I think there are other mirrors as well.

My best recollection is that the four empires have 3 agents each that give a (2-run?) navy frigate, cruiser and BS blueprint at unadjusted faction standing ranging from 9 - 9.8 (not sure of exact figures but they are in the 9 - 10 range).

The agents are still there as I saw some of them in the last few days when passing through one of the systems.

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Take a look here https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Faction_Standings for the required standings and here https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Amarr_COSMOS (or the corresponding site for your faction) to find the according agents.

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When your faction standing has risen high enough with the NPC Faction, they have offers for 2-run ship BPCs. Your skills count towards the standing.

8.5 Faction Standing = Faction Frigate BPC for 30 Silver tags 
9.2 Faction Standing = Faction Cruiser BPC for 30 Gold tags 
9.9 Faction Standing = Faction Battleship BPC for 30 Diamond tags 

Amarr Empire
Jakri System at Garisas gate

Mandor Neek - Amarr Navy Slicer for 30 Sansha Silver Tags
Jeeta Neek - Omen Navy Issue for 30 Sansha Gold Tags
Zaestra Kuramor - Apocalypse Navy Issue for 30 Sansha Diamond Tags 

Angel Cartel
Jorund System

Numa Fashit
Skami Zarton
Kardimo Menka 

Caldari State
Otitoh system at Friggi gate

Kaiko Maina - Caldari Navy Hookbill for 30 Guristas Silver Tags
Emma Tharkin - Caracal Navy Issue for 30 Guristas Gold Tags
Zoun Makui - Raven Navy Issue for 30 Guristas Diamond Tags 

Gallente Federation
Jolia system at Augnais gate

Jordan Usquen - Gallente Navy Comet for 30 Serpentis Silver Tags
Babalu Wrezka - Vexor Navy Issue for 30 Serpentis Gold Tags
Timmothy Sawyr - Megathron Navy Issue for 30 Serpentis Diamond Tags 

Guristas Pirates
N-Q5PW system

Pol Pat
Ippana Maltyr
Jakuzi Makar 

Minmatar Republic
Barkrik system at Hjoramold gate

Mutama Czeik - Republic Fleet Firetail for 30 Angel Silver Tags
Thora Desto - Stabber Fleet Issue for 30 Angel Gold Tags
Makor Desto - Tempest Fleet Issue for 30 Angel Diamond Tags 

Sansha’s Nation
0Y1-M7 system

Ophana Zett
Miguel Maktar
Karhoum Ykta 

MN5N-X system

Hara Lafleur
Luthetion Preque
Jaquon Jalibar 

The Blood Raider Covenant
KFIE-Z system

Sari Arkhi
Unnaya Mafir
Farak Kali

Thank you all for the time to provide links and info. I’ll keep grinding away at those missions and see what I get.

Thanks again for all of the info!!!

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