Old 2007 toon 15 charisma, biomass or not?

I have a very old toon in my 3rd slot that I haven’t been using. She was born in 2007 when 15 charisma was still possible. Never been remapped.

She has only 850k SP. Just the very limited old starter skills and some mining/reprocessing skills.


I’m planning to biomass her and create a new toon that will get the new extensive starter skills.

But before I do that, I want to ask you if there are any benefits in keeping her?

yes, some people really like old characters for some reason. There is no need to biomass her, unless for some reason you are restricted in creating a new player from, maybe your mom or dad who believe that one char per player is part of the ten commandments. Just keep her, look at the character bazaar, and see if someone wants to buy an old char.

Thanks for your input. I’m planning to only keep one Omega account, and I need Omega skills for the new toon, so I need to get rid of one of three some way or another. Biomass or transfer toon.

I consider selling toons for ISK as a form of PLEXing. You are paying real money (transfer fee) and receiving ISK. And I don’t do PLEXing, so that’s a dead end.

I might donate her, if someone has some good reason why they need her.

You can transfer with in-game PLEX you bought yourself with a ticket to CCP.