Old Capsuleer Considering a Return - Seeking Current Game Insights

My intention was never for my post to become a “Highsec vs Nullsec” discussion. :see_no_evil:

I played it for enough years to learn that EVE online is Eve online. I have ganked and laughed, and I have raged quit after being ganked. :smiley:

But i was also part of constructing SC, so i knew that part of the industry back then… Now it seems more complicated and also less attractive to buy them?
Anyway, I appreciate your feedback, as Ive upgraded to Omega and started to clean up the mess on accounts. :pray:

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Be aware of assets safety fee for unwraping the container: ~10% of content value iirc…

  1. Returning Player Experience:
    For those who’ve returned to EVE after a long hiatus, what has your experience been like?

Long story short - disappointment.
it is atotally different game now.