Old Clone Window in stations gone?!?

Just gotta put this somewhere.

I hate the change they made to the clone window in station. Was so easy before. Not to say it isn’t now but it definitly isn’t as streamlined.

I don’t know why this needed a change. I don’t know why both can’t be an option but more tabs under my character window is not the ease of use I’m looking for. You even have a Home Station, why? Why make something more complex.

The only reason I can think of is they’re trying to recoup or conserve space on the server which can be allocated to something else.


That UI has no effect on the server in the least, all they did was move the UI window to the character sheet, what have you been smoking recently and why aren’t you sharing :stuck_out_tongue:

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How do you know it doesn’t effect the server? Where do you think the UI and other visual objects in-game are generated from?

The data is from the server but the UI elements are drawn by the client, there is literally no difference between the old window and the new one in terms of serverside resources, at this point you’re either stoned or you sold your character, because you really seem to have gone downhill lately

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First off, I don’t insult you so don’t insult me.

Secondly, you wanna talk about personality changes? Lately it seems you’ve been chugging way too much of CCP’s electric Kool-Aid

As for the Client, the only thing it controls is setting parameters, all of the visual info is received from the server.

Please, please tell me you’re trolling

Oh i’ve always defended things that actually make sense or have sound reasoning behind them, you’ll also find posts where i call out bad ideas and anyone who has known me since 2004 knows i’ll bash CCP when its actually deserved

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Still doing insults, you just lost my respect.

Clone Window data was removed from the server which creates more server space that can be used elsewhere.

To me the reason behind this change looks like this:

Newbies often have trouble finding or recognising their home station. It used to be a very common question in the rookie chat.

This new ‘Home station’ tab is a great solution for that and allows newbies to find home in a more natural way than the earlier ‘press alt-t to find the name of the station with most of your assets’.

As all the clone window options in station have to do with your home station (self destruct to go back home, set new home, remotely set new home) it makes perfect sense to consolidate those options under the new ‘Home station’ tab of your character.

For us veterans it will need some getting used to, but for newbies entering a new universe, I think this change will really let them feel better at home.

I mean, the respect of a troll isn’t really worth much to begin with

Again, not how this works in the least, the fact that you keep trying to spout this utter nonsense isn’t helping you to appear less of a troll

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I think it’s change.

Or to be more precise - change aversion and the pain of adapting to change.

I never used the Home / Clone feature before, like ever.

I’ve had the same Home Station since my character was created and I’ve never touched Clone Jumping etc. With yesterdays patch, because the option was staring at me on my Character sheet, I decided to change my home station to Jita. I clicked the Home icon, it gave me a ‘click to make your current station (Jita) your home’ button and a ‘pick somewhere else’ button, and I clicked on the Jita button. Job done. Home station changed. Easy as pie.

So yeah, talk to someone who’s only ever done it the new way and it’s so not a problem that it’s hard to understand why anyone would think it is.

But it’s not the way it was.

Change huh.


By all means point out where i’m trolling, i’ll wait :slight_smile:

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A change to the UI that still calls the same info from the servers, but now from another spot, is not going to conserve server space. We still see the same UI elements and still do the same calls to the database to see exactly the same info.

Also, if their intention was to conserve server space, there are much better things to do than to move a tab from one place to another.

That’s why I think we can be pretty sure the intention of this change is not to preserve server space, but something else. Something like improving the new player experience, which is what CCP is doing a lot, and makes a lot more sense.


It more likely because they couldnt make the old window spanky looking for visiting investors, so rather than duplicate it (hello Journal you useless piece of garbage), they move it and change up how it looks to somewhere else.

In this instance, I think its an improvement, but not the case with other previous attempts at the same action.

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Some trolls are funny, even somewhat likeable but
Mike’s a MEAN troll.

And some trolls like the poster above have nothing to contribute so instead they try to incite flame wars…

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