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Disregard…I got my answer.



You can send a whatsapp message or use any other client you like, or give him a phonecall, or go for a visit and drop by at his home (keep your disctance of course) … if you’re feeling real adventurous you could send a fax or use Pigeon Post. I don’t recommend smoke signs because it is bad for the enviroment and causes climate change.

I guess I just assumed the obvious, that anyone responding would know I didn’t have contact info anymore. Yeah, I have heard of phonecalls and text, but hey, thanks for the reminder.

On a scale of A to Z how happy are you with the offered help where A is “not one bit” and Z is “I want to kiss you all over”?


I had such hopes for this topic.

If you don’t have his real-life contact info anymore how do you expect any other person in this game would know? I guess somebody that knows this person personally would. But there is nothing in EVE that link a char directly to a real person… unless that person shares it with others. If we could get your real info I smell a GDPR issue there…

One option is to reach out to people who have flown with him before or since, check evewho.com for example.

I did this when an old corpmate of mine left the game due to a serious illness and I got the info third or fourth hand after a year or so. Someone he’d flown with previously also occasionally played another game with him and passed on my regards. He got back in touch with me through the game.

Worth a shot.

Hey, look at me being helpful. I need to lay off the Codiene.


Did you share any server with him like teamspeak or discord? If so it’s possible

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