Old Goon considering returning

Get the crap out of the way:
Main - Stvenksa (have alts)
SP - 83m
Former Wildly Inappropriate member (before 6 year hiatus)

The Deal:
I know alot has changed so will need help getting back into it and probably help getting my stuff (ships etc) to where they need to be.
I have given myself a month to see if I wish to return, in other words if im enjoying myself then im staying.
I did a bit of everything, flying SB’s, BS, EW BS, Carrier, Rorq. Basically PVP or logistics.


hi there Stvenska

if you can consider joining the “dark side” :slight_smile: then please make sure to check us out.

We are part of pandemic horde and offer typical sov warfare but if you are interested in small/midsize pvp then you could be a good fit for our thera wing that will focus in having fun, keep the game simple without drama and of course with no TiDi :slight_smile:

if you want to hear more i would recommend you to visit our discord channel for a chit chat

best of luck finding a home


We have a couple of returning players, including our CEO.

Thank you both, I have found a home. Couldnt turn to the dark side (well not yet) lmao

Fly Safe

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