Old Pilot Looking to get back in

Old Pilot here! I am looking to get back into Eve. I am looking for a fun, small corp/alliance to join where Real Life comes first. However, would still enjoy my presence. I am mostly a sub cap pilot but have some Black Ops skills. Looking for more of a PVP group, or just ones that one to relax and hang out.

Hit me up with a few interesting opportunities and i’ll check them out.

US TZ Primarily.


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How it going Unpro!

I represent Critical Mass Incorporated, a wormhole based Corp that also has presence in Hi-Sec. Our culture sounds like it would fit what you are looking for; relaxed, minimal requirements, real life comes first. We have a heavy focus towards mining/industry but do PvE sites and PvP. We have people from different time zones across the US and UK.

Contact us through discord if you’re interested or have any other questions!

Come chat, we’d be a good match, mainly EUTZ but have a strong USTZ core thats looking to expand.

you might want to consider us

mainly EU/TZ

Bokbok @Unprofound_II,

You should join us on discord sometime to chat about Fweddit, http://discord.fweddit.space/.

Fweddit is a member of the Free Range Chikuns alliance which is an independent poultry-loving group that specializes in blops drops, cap drops, and small gang fights. We operate mostly during the US and Late EU time zones. We’re looking for pilots to join and come blow up other people’s ships with us.

Join us in our discord so we can chat. Feel free to ping me (@Attack Penguin#0001) in Discord when you join if you want to chat. If I’m not around when you join you can ping any of the other recruiters by typing @Human Resources.

If you want to read more about Fweddit you can check out our ad on the EVE forums at Join Fweddit - Become a Space Chikun! [USTZ].

Hope to speak with you soon!


o7 o7

Fed up with large blobs, blue donuts/balls, and New Eden politics? Don’t wanna spend an hour forming for a mandatory CTA that turns out to be another structure timer? Looking for dank frags instead of dank ticks?

Mea Culpa. is a fairly young EUTZ lowsec corp formed by a few buddies who enjoy killmails and relaxed comms. We’re small gangers with absolutely no intentions of growing into a big blob or building an empire. We have a couple friends but zero blues and we’ll keep it that way.

We’re located at the edge of the southern warzone very close to Geminate, so content is at our doorstep (everybody says that but for us it’s actually true). We fly everything from T1 frigates over T2 battleships to caps. While our killboard looks usually pretty ok, we don’t really care about ISK efficiency or other metrics of eliteness. So if you want to roam your 4b Marauder, that’s more than fine. If you can and want to fly blops that’s also very welcome, especially if can contribute a hunter, too.

We recently started a Channel on Youtube, so you can check out dank image videos there.

What can we offer?

  1. Explosions.
  2. A group that you can call friends and that’s small enough to recognize people on comms by voice.
  3. More explosions.
  4. Citadels with clone bays.
  5. Some moons for ISK printing.
  6. Access to a L5 agent and guidance how to utilize that for more ISK printing.

What should you bring?

  1. A good and somewhat mature attitude. This is by far the most important. Eve is a game and should be fun.
  2. A strong desire to blow up (player-owned and operated) stuff. This is not a PVE corp.
  3. Ability to create your own content. We’re a small group and can’t provide free killmails around the clock.
  4. A good level of skill points. No hard requirement, but we sometimes like to fly fancy stuff.
  5. A second account with useful toons (dread, scout, covert cyno) is not required but a big plus.

If all that sounds interesting, come by our discord or join our public channel in game: Mea Culpa.

I think Katothen might be exactly what you’re looking for:

  • 100% PvP focused
  • Nomadic deployments to NPC null (we go to the content)
  • Small-gang primarily (nano, blops, whatever you enjoy) but we sometimes team up with friends or NPSI to vary the content
  • No permanent blues, we do joint ops with other groups but outside of those ops, we shoot each other
  • No sov, no entosis, no CTAs, no paps, no FATs, none of that boring ■■■■■■■■
  • Everyone is an FC – if nothing’s going on, ping!

o/ Unprofound!

I’m a director in Critical Horizon, a C4<C3/C4 wormhole corp (Recruitment ad here: [Critical Horizon] [C4 Red Giant] - Recruitment is Open ). We’re a small group that is PVP oriented, but as we truly ‘live’ in our wormhole (as opposed to just base-ing out of it) we also engage in multiple kinds of PVE going on regularly (killing sleepers/harvesting gas/ore, etc!) to just chill and shoot the ■■■■ on coms with each other.

We are a newer US TZ corp primarily comprised of working thirty-something year olds (myself included) so we 100% get that real life comes first. We do however ask our members to be active as much as possible while they are logged in: whether it’s just scanning out the chain, trying to find pvp content, or krabbing with your corpmates; we want our members to be out in space doing things while they’re on. Every member is pivotal in a wormhole corp, and doubly so in a newer/smaller corp.

Culture wise, we are not killboard nazis at all but we do strive to avoid making stupid mistakes and learning after each encounter. We often engage in shenanigans trying to take fights we maybe shouldn’t; or fights that look especially fun. For example; a couple weeks ago the CEO and I stumbled into a casual eviction happening, and we managed to save the neutral astra by killing enemy battlecruisers with just two assault frigs.

If this sounds interesting we’d love to talk to you more about it! Come join our Discord and ping @recruiter and someone will be get with you shortly! I look forward to chatting with you!

Yo. Small wormhole c5 corp. Small gang, under ten people. Cat and mouse style hunting. More stalking and learning player routines. If interested, shoot me a mail.

Hey there! You should consider Mecha Enterprises Fleet! We’re the high SP USTZ corp and a founding member of the Federation Uprising alliance, which is a Nullsec PVP alliance based in Immensea as part of Legacy Coalition.

If you’re interested in learning more, here’s our public recruitment Discord: FEDUP Public

Hey unprofound.

We are a pretty chill laid back group of old vets that tend to login for a few hours everynight, we cover most spreads in PVP.

Check us out. USTZ PVP Corp. [OCUPI]

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