Old Player Feeling New Again

I suddenly had the itch to poke around in Eve again after being away for… 10 years or so. I spent most of my previous playtime as a low-sec pirate, typically doing small gang and solo activities. That was fun, but I’m definitely looking for something different this time around.

I loaded up my second account alt, rather than deal with fixing my previous main’s -10 security status. Sitting around 80m sp; mostly focused on missile boats and drones (the initial plan with this guy, 10 years ago, was to do missions in a Gila), but I’ve been branching out into gunnery ships (I love the Amarr style, so that’s my recent focus).

In general, I think I’d prefer smaller group stuff over any of the huge fleet activities, and I definitely prefer the more combat-oriented aspects of Eve (as opposed to industry and trade). Also my playtime may be sporadic, but who knows. Last time I played, I spent all day online. So, I guess basically looking for a chill place to try a different part of Eve for a bit.


You should give us a try at The Order of Omerta. We are a small but tight knit bunch of older gamers looking to do stuff as a team. We are into fw, small gang pvp, pve and mining/indy.

We are strong in the ustz and looking to add more to our community. We got about 40 players and looking to grow.

We’re drama free and like to have fun.

If interested come by and chat The Order of Omerta

Break out the -10 :pinched_fingers:

TSSOC has been around a long time, lots of great and active memebers living in a busy area of Null

lots of things to do, come give us a look

hi there m8

Make sure to check us out. from what you wrote you will be asset for us

if you want to talk some feel free to join our discord server below


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