Old Player interested in christmas return

If I update Omega this week and connect from January 1 to January 5, will I receive all the Christmas gifts?
I mean the 13 gifts plus the Omega gifts.
Or should I have connected every day since the beginning of the promotion?

Best regards
And merry Xmas


You can claim your free gifts upon logging in to EVE Online between 11 Dec and 28 Dec, and they do not need to be consecutive logins. As long as you log in on 13 separate days across the festive period, you should receive all the rewards and can celebrate accordingly!

from: https://www.eveonline.com/now/winter-2018?utm_source=launcher&utm_medium=banner&utm_campaign=20181213daysofeve&origin=launcher

You need to log in and claim the rewards, for at least 13 days total, not necessarily consecutive.

Simply upgrading to omega or logging in once will not give you all 13 rewards. You have to be logged in 13 times between dec 11 and 28 and claim the rewards.

As it is already December 20, it is clearly too late to start now that there is only 8 days left. Logging in on Jan 1 is also too late, as dec 28th is not the same as jan 1st. The event ends on dec 28.

Pretty obvious if you read the event info.

Just an addendum, by “too late” I mean it’s too late to hope to collect all 13 rewards.

It is not too late to collect up to 8 days of rewards. You can still get the first 8 of the 13 rewards if you log in today.

Thank you
For the quick response
English is not my mother tongue and on the web it is not “clearly clear”.
In addition, other years before the “Omega” began to reconnect in January, you received the Christmas gifts.
Every year CCP disappoints me more.
There are people who have too many things to worry about in real life to have to be aware of 13 days of a game.
Another year that CCP will not see a monthly payment from me.

thank you very much and happy flight

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