Eve XVI Aniversary Event

As I understand it, if one logs on 16 times during the event, one gets all the things.

But what if one does not? Does one get to keep what they have so far? I’m at around 50K SP with only one day left and only 10 logons.

Thanks! :checkered_flag:

The current event is the XVII Capsuleer Day Celebration.

The Log-in Reward page has 2 different rectangular boxes at the top, one is Red colored with text - Alpha or Omega Daily Rewards - which is just daily random low level rewards with skill points adding up on it which will continue over time.

The other box is Grey colored with the text - Capsuleer Day Celebration - That’s the one with good rewards which is collected by logging-in 10 times within 14 days. If you’ve already logged-in 10 times then you should have collected each days reward.

Today is the last day for the Celebration and as I’m typing this, the countdown timer shows 11 hours left to collect those rewards. If you’re an Alpha account, you can still collect all the rewards by subscribing to an Omega account.


Capsuleer Day Celebration

The 17th birthday of EVE Online will be marked by daily Capsuleer Day Celebration login rewards! Running from 5 May to 19 May , rewards will include SKINs, apparel, Skill Points, Filaments and Boosters, with Omega Clone State Capsuleers receiving all the Alpha rewards, plus bigger and better Omega gifts too.

You must log in on 10 out of 14 days during the event to receive all items, and Capsuleers who upgrade to Omega during the event can retroactively claim all the Omega rewards they missed before the end.

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Join the festivities for EVE Online’s 16th anniversary by logging in to the game and claiming your awesome free gifts between 2 May and 20 May! You can claim all rewards offered as long as you log in at least 16 times across the event, and they don’t need to be consecutive logins.


Yeah, sorry bro but that was last year.

This year is what I posted above.

Now for the past 10 days if you have only collected the Daily Rewards and didn’t click on the Capsuleer Day Celebration page to collect those rewards, then I suggest you contact Customer Support and submit a Support Ticket asap.


Or you can try contacting communityteam@ccpgames.com from the verified email address connected to your EVE Online account.

Either way just remember it’ll take a while to receive a reply.

Yes, you keep what you kill.

LOL My bad. Thanks for the info!

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