Old player looking to get back into it

Hi all,

I am looking to get back into the game, I have had a little time off.
What I can offer 126 million sp toon, that can fly mining barges, battleships and orca.
I can run lol 4 missions solo but like to fleet sometimes.

What I am looking for,

Caldari High sec corp.
Casual game play.
Active corp mates or a corp that needs help to grow.
Corp plans.
EU tz

Many thanks for reading. You can either contact me below or send me a mail in game.


why do you move around so much? Curious why you left those corps since you last posted an ad

Trying to find the right corp or going to null and back. Mainly corps not informing you of the true nature of their corps. Hence why before i come back into game i know what the jump is.


Would roleplay be of any interest or consideration?

No Thank you Tryme


no thank you.

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