Old player since Beta come back looking for help :)

Wow, after all the years since beta testing in 2003, i played a lot then take a break. Now are past many years and I need some study to remember how to play :stuck_out_tongue:
I see a lot of changes since T2 and need to understand how to come back producing stuff and what is most wanted now. Is still possible the agents/kill and production solo life?
ships, turrets, modules are now all T3?
which are the best ships for mining and for killing? :slight_smile:

i know i know, i need to study and read a lot :scream:

i don’t even know if all my stuff are still good to use in fight, any good advise will be welcome :+1:

too many questions, and answers will depend on where you want to live (hi sec? null sec? wormhole? etc)
i suggest you to join a corp, you will get help, advices, and friends

Google “EVE University”. Serious suggestion. This EVE is nothing like beta, most of the underlying principles of those days have been changing quite a bit even.

It’s a good place with young & old, readily accessible information exchanges and an incredibly open and active community.

would be great find a good active corp.

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