Old turret model (Capital only)

I know it has been discussed before, but might as well bring it back alive as I can’t see any discussion about it in this forum version.

I like the current turret looks that came in with the Incarna expansion. Nothing against it. Except for one category.

The capital gun group. Looking at the capital guns we have today, and the one before, I can say I vastly preferred the look of the old one ( perhaps except the blasters… ) along with the old sound effect that accompanied them. The best example would be the old quad 3500mm artillery guns you can see in Tyrannis expansion trailer, where a group of naglfar are shooting at an Erebus titan. The “fffftoow” and its gigantic muzzle flash. Sure it’s just eyecandy, but it sure felt menacing and powerful, as they actually should be after all. ( can see it there https://youtu.be/Ms95NKFnhCU?t=42s )

Now, the current look for the very same guns, sounds like a potato gun with barely any muzzle flash to enjoy the power behind such massive guns.

if I had any wishes to be granted, would be bringing back the old Capital gun model with new shaders and perhaps some animations to fit the current theme. Just keep the exact same shape. (It would also fit their current market icon vintage image )

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