Option for "old" weapon sound effects

Only slightly exaggerating when I say that the railguns sound effect is like almost half of my enjoyment of the game…or it was, until today; these new weapon sound effects…??

They’re extremely meh.

Like it went from being nearly half why I play to nails on a chalkboard. Like really bad.

They sounded punchy AF before! Now they sound weak, digital, annoying… wet fart…meh… sounds like a lightbulb being stepped on or glass breaking or something idk man lol or typical suspension cable type of sound or something.

And they sounded this way for all these years, and then when it’s changed suddenly no opt in or out just that’s it, it’s changed to THIS?!

cringes and backs away slowly
Please. God.

Also confusing since sound is one way of recognizing weapon type…

Haven’t finished testing any other new weapon sounds yet, (I think light missiles were the same still, unless I’m tripping [overtherailguns] and haven’t noticed the change yet?) but another I noticed isn’t really “better” at all either is the small autocannons, I think? Just as with the rails, it just sounded…more papery…less, Idk. The large blasters sound…okay, I guess? Better than rails, for sure…but not better than it was before xD

so… Idk, I guess its subjective, but thats the point; I guess just add a ‘classic’ shooting sound effects box to tick …? Plz in audio right there in audio options plz yes ok thank you :slight_smile:

Oh yeah - on the brighter side of feedback love the colored sec status on assets and stuff like that, that makes things Much easier.

the photon ui was, mostly easier to read stuff in a similar to that type of way but, drone window was much too large for no reason, and, personally didn’t care for the orange hue the in flashing chat, or the green in wallet numbers changed to a dim green… personally prefer the bright green

and so for these few different reasons I went back to the ui I’m used to for now, but like I said aside from those things mostly it was easier to read stuff… for new users maybe better, Idk.

On the new dockup animation however, here again with the audio… I can’t imagine listening to that 20 times if I were someone with that many accounts lol. Graphically the game looking great as ever, except with the latest I am getting the sometimes flashing on ships / stations / gates etc., but that’s maybe fixed already by the time I log, we’ll see.

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I didn’t read the entire wall of text but I also am disappointed in the new ‘smothered in a pillow’ sound of weapons but I doubt that CCP will make an opt-out for something like this.

did they take away the ‘boom’ from the orca links as well? (or perhaps it was all links?) I really liked that sound

My 2 cents: as a very heavily small autos focused player, I think it’s much better. The old clinky glass sound was a bit annoying. I really like the new small pulse and beam sound though

I don’t think they did.

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