Lasers or Ducks

So what happened to laser bloom/sfx?

I just remembered at one point lasers used to erupt like massive radiant lances of purity and truth that would envelop and sanctify nonbelievers into the void of space. The holy engines of fate would echo so loudly even through emptiness as the saviors swords struck, deafening and demoralizing all who dare to be wicked as they witness their heretical comrades vanish from our existance to be judged.

Now they’re sticks that quack.



SFX option to change laser sounds please. I too preferred the older sound.


Tell your friends to rally behind this topic let’s get our mighty glowing lasers back

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I too enjoy lasers, but sadly I am too young to have ever witnessed the true form of God’s wrath under the form of old style lasers…

Do you have any footage showing it in all their magnificence, please ?

What about DuckLasers?


+1, count me in too. It was years ago now, that the old sound effects were changed along with the graphics, I think 2011-2012. I especially liked the pulse laser sounds…

Plus another cool pulse laser sound that I cannot find a way to express in words :thinking:

Is there a youtube video out there with the old sound effects on? I looked but couldn’t find anything…




Ewww 0/10 :wink:




Just another cheap way to save server load, like the vanishing Cylon-esque roving scanner light on the Serpentis Spirit Skins. Next, we will have subtitles for initiating warp (whoosh!) and jump gates (loud whoosh!), with no audible sound at all…


I’m at work, but the HDR bloom on lasers used to be massive so when you saw an Abaddon shooting you couldn’t see most of the side of the ship anymore because it was so bright. The sound was powerful long and loud and when it finished firing you could actually hear the guns spooling down.

Also lasers should be changed back to fire all at the same time. The staggered fire effects look cool for projectiles and hybrids but lasers look best in unison.

In fact I think the bloom was high even for other weapon systems. I remember seeing Neutrons and Ogre IIs firing huge bolts of plasma that looked way better than the lines now.

What happened to this why was it removed? Why not just a toggle? I think it makes perfect sense for lasers and hybrids to shine brightly in the darkness of space.

I need your help guys keep replying make this a reality again.


According to the Amarr slavers, all things are the Lord’s will. Therefore, it is the Lord’s will that the sound of lasers doing his will be transformed to duck sounds. So that when they hear the quack, the faithful might be mindful of the Lord, in all his might and glory.

Absolutely hereticaaaal

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It’s funny, from far away that satellite looks like a Sansha’s Nightmare.

@Sepheir_Sepheron That actually sound awesome ! I remember seeing an old post talking about how the 1400mm artilleries went from their massive BOOM to some weak ass noise with the updates…

Modernizing the old sounds would be great !

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Here are some snap shots from an 11 year old youtube video. This is what it was like in game, and when they finally added missing animations these would look so intimidating to just fly right by your ship. Granted these are dreads but even subcaps had HUGE weapon effects compared to now.

image image image image image


Yeah, those look like an Erebus’ or Avatar’s doomsday device firing >.<

I also know that torpedoes made a huge explosion while shaking the camera like made, which might have been too much considering how many are fired in one fight, but I guess it was nice for Caldari pilots back in the days

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Yeah it was glorious before. I can’t imagine how cool they’d look with modern graphics. Missiles can still shake the camera it’s a toggle in your settings.

You kinda get idea from rats fire

Or this (mute sound for your own safety)

There is many videos of old eve. just need to know how use google.

THIS. Torpedoes also had a cool blast wave (I think?).
The weapon graphics and sound effects are Anaemic compared to what they once were. In fact, I think this along with the Captains Quarters breaking my graphics card, were one of the reasons I quit all those years ago.

Please bring back the old weapon graphics and sound effects CCP, even if it is as an option in the settings!

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