Oldest Player Station in EVE

Just something that came up in the Help Chat today,

Is there a way to find out what is the oldest POS in the game?
Either by players or by CCP?

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CCP would have that information. It would be in the item’s meta data.

Probably some mobile depot waaaaaaay out in the boonies.



at some point on even evictions the evicters can go man, we have enough crap to bash.

When kartoon didn’t pay the SOV bills we had enough goon crap that had to be cleared out we’d come across dead alliance pos and go…it stays. Its not hurting anybody and we were hitting f1 on goon pos’ enough to even get carpel tunnel lol.

MC pos’ were left for historical reasons. Enough in IT were former MC…and yeah, even noobs not there for the first 6 years of eve like me were f1’d out. Even goons of old didn’t bother to clean them out when they closed out BoB to win delve.

I’d wager there are still a few of them out there too.

The problem is if we knew it was the oldest itd get bashed just to say we killed the oldest POS/station in Eve…

Tis the way of Eve and humans Im afraid.


Got blown up a long time ago most likely.

this is so true and kinda why a lot of people play just to ruin someone elses work but that is the hook for so many eve players

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Well then it wouldn’t be the oldest structure in the game would it?


you have a point but that would mean some station or even POS is just chilling in a wormhole never to be found again

When I first arrived in space I had thought every station could be taken over and controlled, even NPC stations could be run by Faction War participants.

that would be a very nice thing to add

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I guess not, lol. But it might have been at one time.

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