"Omega Expiring" but sub still active?

I’ve not seen this before so I’m a bit confused. On one of my accounts, it says sub active and still has the “cancel subscription” button lit. However, at the top of the page it says “Your Omega time expires in X days!”. Part of my concern is that at one point I DID cancel it, but later changed my mind and hit the “cancel unsub” button.

Can someone reassure me everything is okay or should I expect issues?


a) make a ticket and GM will explain your account status etc.

b) wait for current omega time to end and see if you will get automatically billed again.

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Going into your account page shoudl tell you the status, i cancel mine after each subscription as I dont want auto billing, so mine says…


If yours says anything else and you want to cancel, just go through the process again

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