Omega state not showing?

@Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras It isn’t free stuff. I pay cash for Omega… While the character state was incorrect, everybody that was forced into Alpha lost out on training, skill points, better login bonuses AND access to the content that was paid for.

@ResonanceOfWar Expecting to get what I’ve paid for isn’t entitlement. It is expecting delivery of what was paid for. In advance. In my case, almost a year in advance.

And yet in their tos or eula it does state thst the game may not be available at all times or other language added in.

So you want compensation for something that lasted like 3 hours? that’s nothing.

If you are still not omega ofc they still need to fix it but they already said they would and you will probably get the exp that you lost, but expecting extra just for the inconvenience is a different story.