'Omnivore' module - what's the benefit?

Hey all:

I bought one of these and fitted it on my mining Endurance. It didn’t appear to make a difference to my cycle time or M3 harvested. I’m using a Miner II and two MLU IIs on a standard basis…is there any benefit to using “Omnivore” over my standard setup?


Ordinarily you’d fit a Miner II and MLU IIs to go with it.
Or you’d fit an Ice Mining Laser II and IHU IIs to go with that.

Or you can fit the Omnivores, and they buff both rock and ice lasers as much as the specific T2 mods would. Omni’s are like an MLU and IHU at the same time.

omnivore consumes 2 cpu less.

I get it…I ASSUMED from the description I would get BOTH benefits…cycle time AND yield on my Miner II…since CCP chose to make it unclear I see where I was wrong. I have two Endurance: one for rocks, one for ice. I guess this would save me one of those boats but they have more than paid for themselves…

Thanks for the help.



Checked in game yesterday to be sure. It’s got all the same stats as the T2s of each flavor. But yes, the speed bonus only applies to Ice lasers.

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