Ice mining, Skiff vs Endurance

I just did a quick estimate.
Is it right that Endurance out mine the Skiff in ice mining.
Max yield i get from skiff alone = 12.4m3/s and endurance = 19.1m3/s (with my skills that is)

If this is wrong, please let me know as im kind of confused right now.

you forgot to 2 x skiff harvester vs 1 x endurance

I think you got those two backwards… I can get Endurance’s Ice Mining Laser II down to 65sec duration (cycle), equal to 15.2m³/sec, and Skiff’s 2 Ice Harvester II down to 91.6sec duration (cycle), equal to (total) 21.8m³/sec.

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No, I also get 19.1 m3/sec on my endurance. It makes it a fearsome ship for low sec ice mining in practice.

I’ve never used a skiff so had to rely on modelling which says my skills are way less than OP but still gives over 20 m3/sec for 2 x harvesters combined.

FYI. My typical endurance fit. Which gives me 19.1 m3/sec.

[Endurance, Endurance]
Ice Harvester Upgrade II
Ice Harvester Upgrade II
Ice Harvester Upgrade II

Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Upgraded EM Ward Amplifier I
1MN Afterburner II
Medium Shield Extender II

Ice Mining Laser II
Core Probe Launcher I
Improved Cloaking Device II

Small Core Defense Field Extender II
Small Low Friction Nozzle Joints I

Ahh… that’s probably why, you have 3x Upgrade, mine looks like this:

[Endurance, LS ICE Endurance]
Damage Control II
Ice Harvester Upgrade II
Ice Harvester Upgrade II

Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
EM Ward Amplifier II
Medium Shield Extender II
5MN Cold-Gas Enduring Microwarpdrive

Ice Mining Laser II
Improved Cloaking Device II

Small Low Friction Nozzle Joints II
Small Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer II

Hobgoblin II x3
Warrior II x3

Thanks for all the reply’s so far, and even tho ive been playing for more then 10 years i somehow forgot to think that the DUAL harvesters on the skiff do more yield. I just looked at the damn single one.

I feel like such a noob right now. but im greatfull for the community we have here for no flaming.

Thanks alot guys , and fly safe 0/

**Correct nubmbers (with my skills) **
Skiff = 24.8m3/s
Endurence = 19.1m3/s


Just as an aside, your fit raises three philosophical issues for how to mine (ice) in LS.

One, in LS, do you sacrifice extra laser upgrade for DCU and/or faster align? With frigate, if you are caught you are dead, so for me DCU adds nothing. Although, I do still use one when travelling between systems. For the Endurance in particular, its speed (and drones) allows you to tank NPC even without DCU.

Two, perennial MWD vs AB argument. Again, in LS, I always go AB. My thinking is if I get tackled and lose warp I lose MWD too so may as well have some sort of functioning prop. Plus AB is enough to speed tank a clone soldier. The obvious exception is if fitting a cheap industrial (wreathe or miasmos) for cloaky/MWD. (Amazing how many LS pilots ignore these as targets; plus it works.)

Three, drones. I always pack three salvage drones. One huge advantage of Endurance over Prospect is you can splash NPC with combat drones. But, if you are in a corps, not only do you leave these wrecks to show someone has been mining, you leave your corps ticker on the wreck too. So, even if you are cloaked up anyone can see you have been mining (probably). I always clean my wrecks as the number of times I’ve been cloaked in an ice system and someone has come to look at the belt to check for activity is almost in the majority.

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Check it for yourself, but I believe there is no difference between Prototype & Improved when fitting for a Endurance. And the Proto has less CPU required.

Wow! I’d missed that. Just checked and there is no penalty to max sub-warp speed (without prop) when Endurance is cloaked. Irrespective of which version is used. Hugely useful. As is the extra CPU released. Thanks for the heads up.

MIssed that…

As for your questions @Lily_Inkura in regards to DCU, it’s just my preference to fit one when in a place that are more “dangerous” than highsec, as some of the routes I take are through multiple lowsec system, the extra EHP does help me get to destionation in one piece. The MWD is only for doing the Cloak/MWD trick or if you have to burn back to gate, and the slightly off-chance that you could outrun an attacker :wink:

Never thought of doing that in a frigate. I usually swap out my three upgrades for DCU + warp stab + istab when travelling anyway. DCU + 2 istabs gives align of 3 secs if I’m really paranoid.

3 seconds is more than enough to get caught. Unless the campers are half asleep :smile:

In LS? I have been lucky then. Either that or “my” locals are not that good. Only time I have actually died at a LS gate was when my fat fingers missed a cloaky / MWD. And that was in an industrial.

or maybe I’ve just been more lucky (or unlucky) to find the more organized or the ones specialized in catching small and fast targets.

My 2 Cent,…

i use the Endurence in Shatterd WH System and in NS. (Small Wormholes)
In the fact your are faster and agiler than a Skiff and the ship is cheaper.
Also the Skill requiremnts are lesser than a Skiff…

Only in Combat the Skiff (Exhumer / Bardges ) are better than the small Frig.

Don’t forget smart-bomb camps on some gates - a damage control unit adds a ton of ehp.

I use endurances as afk miners in null they can sig tank normal spawns and if some or all happen to die they cheaper than exhumers.
Also afk cloakers ignore me

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My 2 cts:

in LS, if you are a regular in the ice system you usually mine, try to make friends with the local people and get access to their intel.

Once you are safe with the local, then only the visitors remains a threat.

then, you can try to mine with a Covetor or even a Hulk… For sure, if you are caught, you are dead… But if you are a heavy miner, with the actual price of the ice, and with decent ice mining skills, a covetor is paid in half an hour….

I mine two blocks in 67 seconds (40 seconds when we have a porpoise to boosts), so no need to waste cycles using a skiff or procurer…