Endurance in Wormhole

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1st time posting here and am unfamiliar with the territory so please excuse if this topic has been asked about before.

Am interested in doing some low sec / wormhole exploration / ice mining and have acquired an Endurance for this purpose. I went looking for a recommended fit for such an activity but the only stuff I could find was (seemingly) preoccupied with ECM.
Have I missed something? Is there something about the Endurance that warrants such ECM fixation - or did I just stumble across some ECM fixated pilots?

Long intro to a short question - can someone with more experience than myself provide me with a tested/proven fit for an Endurance in Low Sec / Wormhole that can be used for exploration and/or Ice mining (I realise this might result in two separate configurations).

Best regards to all and my thanks in advance for any advise.

I happen to have an ECM burst in my Endurance fit as well, and ECM drones. It’s a nice defence in case you do get tackled, but by no means necessary.

Alternative is more shield resists in the mids, but I found that is unnecessary to survive belt rat damage when you sig tank with AB on.

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No need to ice mine there, too much risk, stay in high sec to mine ice, exploration go with a nice frigate like heron

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I was fine fine with it until I got to “sig tank with AB on”. Am guessing that AB is afterburner, but can you help someone unfamiliar with the acronyms what “sig Tank” means?
Again, thanks in advance !

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Thanks for your reply,
unfortunately an endurance is what I have and feel bound to use for (at least) the short term. I am unfamiliar with the Heron - why do you consider it a better ship for exploration than the endurance? Thanks in advance for any advice.

One of the dangers you may face while mining is enemy NPC (non-player character) pirate ships, also known as ‘rats’.

To survive their damage you can do a couple things:

  1. Kill the ships (which is pretty hard to do in a frigate, your 3 drones can kill the frigates, destroyers and cruisers but will have trouble with anything bigger.)
  2. Have enough hitpoints to survive staying in there (either due to having a lot of them, or from passive shield regeneration or active armour or shield repairs).
  3. Be small (small signature radius) and go fast enough that the enemy ships have trouble hitting your ship → this is called sig tanking

An afterburner is really useful for more effective signature tanking as it increases your speed. A MWD (or microwarp drive) makes you go even faster, but also massively increases your signature so you gain no benefit for sig tanking (unless you are flying a ship with a bonus for MWD speed or radius).

One nice thing about the Endurance is that it can survive pretty much all the NPC pirates that come to a belt, solo. Kill the small stuff with drones and sig tank the rest.

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speed tanking.

Basically incoming damage is factor of speed/sig ; exponential for turrets, linear for missiles (actually polnom).

Sig tanking or speed tanking, they are basically the same thing and work by making your ship very hard to hit.

Every day is a school day!
Thanks for your reply - very helpful and much appreciated.
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Cost, you can by like 20 heron’s for the price of 1 endurance, I also use the endurance for mining but for exploration the bonuses in a heron makes it superior in that regard (exploration).

The buzzard is well worth training for as you can fit a covop cloak where you can warp under cover.

You can do exploring with virtually any ship but you wont be able to scan down some things without a bonused ship leaving you missing out on possible lucrative opportunities.

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