Omnivores of Mediocrity - Get In On the Ground Floor of a Growing WH Corp!

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What about EU TZ gamers?

We are primary EU, so you are more than welcome Freyeth!

Up we go. Kill all the things and do other stuff too :grin:

Still looking for pilots to help us shoot things :slight_smile:

More the merrier. We are growing at a decent rate now :+1:

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I am a long time EvE player who had been away from the game for some years. I joined this Corp two weeks ago and am damn glad I did !

Great bunch of guys, nice wormhole and good leadership!

For you salty vets looking for a change, this Corp will remind you why you fell in love with EvE in the first place. Join us and know you are making a difference!

For you newer players, this Corp is a great place to learn about living and fighting in WH space.

Join us! Mediocrity is our greatest strength!