On a scale of 1-100 how tough is life these days

With all the world events, economics, debt, work hours,

It just feels like living is very tough these days…

I’d say 80.

This is nothing, kids’ play. It’s going to get much much worse. Prepare yourself for hard times ahead.

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Yeah i agree, just wonder why keep trying to conform the the status quo.

8000 years of previous human misery just phoned to say

“You’re having a laugh, right mate?”


This is probably the best it has ever been, for us or for any animal on Earth. There is plenty of food, we beat the Black Death, we have smartphones. I don’t even have to go into the office anymore.


If you think sitting playing vidya games is 80 worth of bad…just imagine stepping off a landing craft at Omaha beach on June 6th 1944, and you’ll have the estimate correctly back down to 5 or so.


As someone old enough to have lived though the '70’s, I recommend enjoying things today.

It is going to get worse before it gets better.

It is funny how it feels like time is repeating itself, plan on double digit inflation and energy shortages for a while.
But try to laugh, and remember that we did this to ourselves.

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I’m running at a 80 out of 100 right now. I expect to see things get to mid to low 60’s in the next coupe years, but if global societies vote to change things, we may be able to see '90’s again in a few years time.

These days can be nothing to future days, but it also depends where you will live and relative hardness you are used too.

Generally resources on earth that are used in current technologies will be a lot scarcier in future, together with coal, gas, oil. There would have revolution to take place that would change farming, industry, and society, and for what cost nobody yet knows, maybe human lives? There is a story called 2 B R 0 2 B - Wikipedia

The ruling class plans to replace most of us with robot servants. That will alleviate some of the resource problems. They are running a bit behind schedule though, since the robots still aren’t too bright.

I had to put my elderly Mom in a home on her 103rd birthday last spring. My stepson passed away from cancer last Thursday.

Nothing CCP has said gives me any real hope for the future of the game.

You figure it out…

The only bright spot this yr was pissing off Homeland Security with my drone.

I honestly feel playing this game and posting on the forums gave me the self-confidence to take on Agent Smith. Neo is nothing compared to a Bitter Old Vet.

May all of you have a better yr than I. Even the ones I don’t like but still read.


Sorry to hear that dude. Loss is never easy.


Thanks, but I was not looking for sympathy. My only point was EVE is a moral builder. Something that CCP forgot.

We all suffer loss whether in game or RL. How you recover from that is paramount to how you continue in RL or the game! :wink:


There’s actually enough resources in our solar system to last us thousands of years. Titan alone has hundreds of times more hydrocarbons than Earth, and the moons of the outer planets have 30 or 40 times as much water as on Earth. If we only spent half as much money on developing that as we do on wars and weapons…we’d have an amazing future.


We are too busy spending money on far more important things, like 18 billion dollars studying the effect of a zero gravity environment on pansexual zebras…


Wars are the reason we have the technology that we do. Most technological advances are made during wartime out of necessity. Radar, Sonar, Nuclear, etc…

That’s easy to say, there’s hardly been peace in the past 300 years, lol.

Ok, I await the next transport soon™. TitanGas LLC is a cool name. Its good for Earth climate too of course? Or is it available only for locals on Titan, cause transport fees and taxes?

Good, now I know where to go swimming in clean water next summer. Only question is, red or blue spacesuit?

Unfortunately, those pesky humans doesnt allow other pesky humans to stop developing the weapons and wage wars. Its always something… Surely one could ask nicely to give them what they want, and others would give it, right?

I would like things to be good, but that is not easy. Problem of getting enough energy and resources is quite complicated. If you would want to mine asteroids, mine planets, gather resources from other regions of space, you would have to build a fleet of spaceships that would haul thousands of tonnes, that could operate in space for years, in difficult environment, without humans. And spacestations on orbits, for generations living in them. And for all of that, you need a lot of time and energy, and people thinking about it. Definitely not happening soon and we are running low on a lot of resources even now.

What you are able to sacrifice for future of humanity? Your liqid soap? Your car? Your children?

get ready these are the baby times get ready to play eve in a hazmat suit

Things are tough at the moment for myself I was always used to things being hard and appreciated everything, I had some bad luck in my mid twenties and almost became homeless after losing my retail job, I always knew I had potential but found communication a little difficult. I decided to start working for myself and managed to get some gardening gear together and started knocking doors to see if any homeowners wanted their garden tended to. I was shocked to find there was loads of little £10 and £20 jobs, people just wanted a quick tidy up or something taken to the dump.

So if you are a capable person whose not afraid of putting your shoulder to the wheel, try to find something lots of people may want like sweeping their garden and then multiply it as many times as you can. It certainly is time to diversify so if you have a skill set like cooking or baking or you are artistic see if you can do something with those skills.

Google business listings is you absolute best friend, for the rest of time people will always google what they want, if they want a plumber it will google “plumber near me” if they want a tailor it will be “Tailor near me” google will forward these people directly to you and you will get phone calls, We really are living in a great time for trade and we have a good opportunity to take some trade from the big corporations. I’ve fixed so many computers where other big corporations have failed, I’m able to find parts on the internet nobody else can. I hope this helps somebody out there.