On Those With Inferior Blood

Oh, I would love to learn that. Please explain. And explain that to non-entities, because they are certainly wondering too.

Capitalism is based on the premise of a free market. Where people can buy and trade goods, exchange labor etc in an open system, often regulated between the government and the corporations that lobby within that government.

Show me where there is a free open market in the State?

Because if there was an open free market, there wouldn’t be non-entities

Corporatism is a compartmentalized system of government, almost like a tribe, where you work to better and further that corporation in which you are a citizen of. In return, you receive provision.

And I don’t waste my time with the non-entities. They are designated that, for a reason.

Clear enough for you?


This question can be responded with some other questions:

  1. What gives you the authority to be the chosen one of the entire cluster when there are many other religions and ideologies where a bunch of people self-proclaim themselves as the chosen ones to control the entire cluster and considering even logical facts they everyone bring, Amarrians included? And before answering, consider there are more than one stellar empire which, without your God, managed to touch the stars, build a civilization and challenging the time bringing technology more advanced than the Amarr one, and before showing examples like “The Jovians have been punished by God”, at this point everything that derived by them should be condemned and prohibited but as you could see, we are Jovian products ourselves and their technology (as his ideology) are still spreaded in the entire cluster: Ishukone Corporation has the Jovian technology, the Society of Conscious Thought have the best schools of the cluster, and if the Minmatar would be so much tribal and subhuman as you think, they would never reached the stars and built a stellar civilization.

  2. What’s the point to force someone to “be saved” when this one doesn’t want to be saved or, worse, doesn’t comprehend the sins he commits as you sometimes waste time to declare him sinful, persecuting him, torturing him, submitting him, killing him… . Millennias of history proven this technique is counter-productive to the persecutor and to the persecuted: the first one must spend resources and time to adopt a drastic measure that can have disastrous consequences instead focusing on psychology or social studies that could develop new ways to communicate with them and, consequently, re-educate them. The second one continues to not understand the reasons of this barbaric method but has one more to hate him more, increasing the conflict between them.

Dammit, Aldrith, I was drinking! Owwwww…


Well, luckily for everyone here, I heard the Drifters are in need of both pure blood and proselytization. Good luck!

One little thing.
We Capsuleers aren’t human. We gave up our Humanity and died to live a Transhumanist life in the service of the highest bidders.

Transhumanism: a philosophical and scientific movement that advocates the use of current and emerging technologies—such as genetic engineering, cryonics, artificial intelligence, and nanotechnology—to augment human capabilities and improve the human condition

Also, there is no insult in saying that sinners are sinners, merely facts. The Amarr religion provides redemption and forgiveness to those ready to see the light of God and submit to His perfect will.
Those who reject the Truth condemn themselves to a life of sin and rebelion, outside His everlasting grace and goodness, and can expect to suffer the consequences of their own choice.

To death with the filthy blasphemers!
Long Live the Amarr Empire!

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“Human” is a word (like … well, words in general) with a mobile definition, ma’am. It means what we choose to have it mean.

This word in particular is not a good idea to ever define yourself as outside of, because one of the things it implicitly means is, “beings whose killing will generally be treated as murder,” and not as, like, invasive surgery to remove a tumor.

Setting yourself outside the circle of those of like-kind is inviting those more clearly inside it to put you down and not even lose sleep over it.

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I disagree. The word “human” relates to or is characteristic of people as opposed to God or animals or machines, especially in being susceptible to weaknesses and belonging to the genus Homo.
Nothing alse is human besides what is described above.

… except in time of war. So the definition you give is wishy-washy at best.

Good thing I’m an immortal Clone then, yes?

I think you’ll find that definition is itself pretty wishy-washy, and not very precise.

For one example, feel free to ask your nearest biologist whether human beings are animals. For another, notice that you didn’t include a category for your “transhumans,” unless you’re going to go for saying transhumans are gods. Which I’m pretty sure would be taken as heresy.

(I’m not Amarr myself but I’ve been associating a bit closely for a while now.)

… or I guess machines, but then whence the squishy bits?

Hence the “generally.” Exceptions allowed!

Ah-- you bought the marketing at face value. I’m so sorry, ma’am. This won’t be a pleasant realization, then.

Capsuleers aren’t true immortals-- we’re neither unkillable nor everlasting. If you ask Arrendis we’re sort of serially-mortal; every death is real. If you ask many others (those who’d define the infomorph as the “self”) we’re … basically just hard to kill because we can body-hop.

I tend to draw the line not at “every clone death” or “when all who go by this ID are gone,” but rather at significant boundaries-- places where the infomorph has to revert to an earlier version of itself (in which case the more-recent, but disrupted, version is forever “dead” even if something sharing most of its memories up to the most recent lives on) or all copies are destroyed (which is pretty unambiguous permanent death).

Whichever way you interpret it, ma’am, you’re far from immortal. We have routine access to this technology during our careers, but for most of us that lasts about a year. Even if you stick it out you’ll have to contend with the violence and intrigue that comes along with our place in society. I myself didn’t make it even a decade before having my infomorph so extensively damaged (personal memories zilched) that I’m arguably a different person now.

Sabotage: thinking on the scale of ships and facilities as we tend to, it’s kind of the biggest weak-point we have. Our survival depends on many systems and many people, creating many points of failure.

We invite destruction at our peril.

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That’s funny because it isn’t my definition, it comes from an English dictionary.

I don’t have to. I know human beings aren’t animals, that’s why we have two different words for two different kinds of creatures.

We are our own category.

“Generally” is a cop-out. It either is or isn’t.

I’m aware of no marketing that defines my existence in New Eden. I am Amarrian under the devine grace and protection of our Lord with a devine mission: to bring every living soul into the fold of the Amarr religion or destroy them into oblivion.

That may be. But there are capsuleers who have been clone-hopping since the birth of the cluster and they are feeling fine.

I’ll remember that when my last clone expires and my mind is lost forever, on which date nobody knows but God.

Such is the life of an Amarrian capsuleer, made purposeful by our Creator through the Amarr Empire which I serve with all my heart and mind. It isn’t a burden to live for God, it’s a precious opportunity to offer up my soul in service in exchange for redemption.

That’s because you haven’t experienced the redeeming power of our God. Surrender to His will now and your existence shall be elevated to hights you can only dream of.

Sabotage is a real threat but our survival depends on God and only Him. To say otherwise is blasphemous and, in Amarr, punishable by death.

Irrelevant to the point I made, about how the content of the post targets 60% of the population of New Eden.

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That’s because 60% of the population of New Eden lives in sin; debauchery and darkness. If the Gallente, Minmatar and Caldari surrendered to the will of our perfect God today, they wouldn’t feel targeted. As I said before, it’s no insult to say a sinner is a sinner.

You don’t really grasp the concept of getting some voluntary converts, that can then help proselytise the rest of them, do you.

I couldn’t have put it better myself. Regardless of how accustomed you are to a life of sin that spits in the face of God, there will always be good people who wish to help you turn from your darkness. I’ve said it a thousand times and I won’t stop now; It’s never too late to turn your life around. Just because you’ve turned your back on God, doesn’t mean he’s done the same to you. He may be firm, but he is also forgiving.

Where would you like to be after you die? Because I know that I’d like to be side by side with my creator, safe and sound.


What makes you say that? Of course I like it when someone converts willingly. That’s the best case scenario and really what we Amarrians strive for but most people are too blinded by their own importance and deaf to the devine Word to be willingly moved to conversion.

It isn’t my choice but I hope to be taken into God’s bosom, merge with the devine until there is nothing left of myself but a vague memory worthy of being remembered, like a comet that crashes into a sun to forever be part of it. An eternity of contentment and joy.

Dictionaries are excellent for finding the common usage of a word and narrowly-interpreted meaning (denotation). They are often less-useful for subtleties and implied meaning (connotation), technical usage, etc.

Even if we take “creatures” as applying only to animate living things and not, like, plants, there’s such a thing as a synonym. (Sort of. Denotations may match pretty exactly; connotations almost never do.)

Kingdom: Animalia.

Not according to your relied-upon dictionary, ma’am.

If that is what you truly believe, ma’am, this world is going to be very hard on you.

Also if you’re a fan of hard-and-fast it’s-this-or-thats, @Arrendis is right over there. She, also, likes arguments of this type; I’m pretty comfortable with ambiguity.

“Immortal Clone” is marketing, ma’am. It’s the bait they lure people in with.

Uh-- I think you must mean since the birth of our class? Which is currently around two decades, ma’am?

It’s not exactly eternity.

I wonder if the fleet admirals at Vak’Atioth believed something like this, ma’am. Before their families were enslaved and they themselves forced to commit suicide (along with I think their crews), which seems a bit harsh if the loss was simply God’s will (and the crews seems a bit harsh regardless, really).

It makes a fair bit more sense if you take competence as something God occasionally expects you to show. But perhaps a heathen such as myself wouldn’t understand, ma’am.

That’s funny!

Do you do parties?

I could use a good clown. What’s your going rate?

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The word “human” has no ambiguity. Either a creature is human or it is not.

I don’t know what point you’re trying to make but it’s pretty simple:
Humans aren’t Animals.
We can make pets out of animals but making a pet out a human being is problematic at best.

The dictionary definition was used to qualify the word “human”. Please don’t mix apples and oranges.

Not in the least. I’m the one who’s very hard on this world. I take the bull by the horn and make it kneel before me. Praise be to God Almighty for giving me the fortitude and will to live according to His precepts and not have to apologize for it.

You’re comfortable with ambiguity because you do not have the God-given will nor the power to look at things as they actually are, preferring to veil your face in the temporary and corruptible as opposed to standing firm in the Truth of our Creator.

I wasn’t lured, I was born on blessed Amarr Prime.

That’s your opinion. They deserved what they got according to the perfect will of our Lord. He alone is the judge and He fashions people’s doom according to their deeds and the content of their heart.

… Leaving aside everything else that’s a pretty fascinating concept, ma’am-- that God actually gives people what they deserve? In this life? So, like, a fusion of free will and fate, except what if your fate gets decided by someone else’s free will?

Do you get held responsible for instances where you were acting as God’s agent? Conversely are you rewarded for it? Like if you mug somebody in an alley but God wanted them mugged so it’s fine?

Mm. I don’t think this is something all Amarr believe, ma’am, but I’d be happy to see more discussion on it!