On Those With Inferior Blood

On Those With Inferior Blood
By Rynna Alcerys

The purpose of this text is to highlight the absurd and abhorrent ways in which the people of the lesser empires choose to conduct themselves. Indeed, there is nothing so terrible to witness as the innate savagery of the Minmatar, the corrupt materialism of the Caldari, or the repulsive hedonism of the Gallente. Despite the clear differences in their particular brands of evil, there is one constant throughout all of these disgusting nations; they are all dark, Godless places filled to the brim with the genetically inferior.

Our glorious Lord could not have possibly made it any clearer: “I give to you the destiny of faith, and you will bring its message to every planet of every star in the heavens: Go forth, conquer in my name, and reclaim that which I have given.” We, as God’s chosen people, have an obligation to work as his messengers and spread his word to any ear that may listen. And if they refuse to see the light of God, we shall have no choice but to force them into it. If my writing may help a young Thukker nomad, a Civre businessman, or any other faithless individual to realise the error of their ways, then I would consider myself to have done a good job.

I will begin with the Caldari. Worshippers of money and trade, these are the types you’ll find in any corner of the cluster, trying to sell you something (or scam you) at every single turn. It should go without saying that nothing in this world is above God, especially not something as trivial as profit. But the Caldari don’t see it that way at all. Their entire society, from top to bottom, is ruled by money. In their feeble and simple minds, they could not even begin to comprehend something more important. There are few things sadder than watching an individual of the Caldari State dedicate their life to the pursuit of money, unknowing of the value that can be gained in the pursuit of God.

Next up, I’d like to speak on the Gallente. Within the Federation exists a special kind of debauchery, the kind that those who devote themselves to God, such as myself, mustn’t even speak of. In keeping with their claims of wanting freedom, the Gallente Federation is a place where the filthy dregs of New Eden are allowed to sin to their heart’s content. Lust, greed and gluttony are the pillars of Gallente society. Whenever they speak of their freedom, just know that they are talking about the freedom to indulge in repulsive acts of sin. It’s no wonder they choose to ally themselves with the Minmatar, as the two are known to spit in the face of God.

Finally, and unfortunately, I must give my thoughts on the Minmatar. These truly are the worst of the bunch, savage beasts who cling onto their primitive societal practices and refuse to evolve. It’s easy to see them as one would see a rabid slaver hound, feral and inferior. Indeed, they have more in common with such animals as they do with the civilised people of God’s Empire. They claim to be fighting for their own freedom, however they are trapped in their own sin. After all, what freedom could one possibly have without the benevolence of our divine God? They often cite their treatment within Amarr society as a reason to oppose us, yet we are giving them the greatest gift of all: the ability to be closer to God, in spite of their inferior blood. The Reclaiming is a kindness!

Followers of the Amarr faith should keep all of these facts in mind as they travel through Godless territory and meet the sinful in their quest to spread the word of God. And those who do not follow the Amarr faith should read this and realise that they must change their ways, or face judgement.

“To know the true path, but yet, to never follow it. That is possibly the gravest sin.”

- The Scriptures, Book of Missions 13:21


Ah, but what is the purpose of that highlighting, in such an international forum? To provoke a conflict, maybe? To wallow in your own presumed excellency while the savages laugh at such antics? To remind us why the Empire cannot ever be trusted?

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The purpose here is to remind the citizens of the other empires to change their ways. I’m trying to help people to overcome their sin, as hard as that may be. I can promise you there is nothing I could possibly want more than to help you to reach your salvation.

This would mostly mean B, then, with a dash of C involved, maybe.

I’ll leave it for your fellow compatriots to explain to you why the approach you have taken is not conducive to your stated goals.

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Say what you will, those who stray from God’s light must be shown their wrongdoing and, for their own sake, they must be corrected. How can one improve without criticism? And how can one be allowed to stand by God’s side without recognising and ceasing their sinful ways? Please, for your soul, recognise his divine light. It’s never too late to turn your life around.

Setting aside the adorably naive and ill-informed description of Caldari culture outlined in your post, I have to ask:

Could you enlighten us on how exactly you determine and justify this ‘inferiority’?

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Blood is important, Remilia. And more important than that is divinity. There is no disputing this one simple fact: the Amarr are the chosen people of God, as is clearly outlined in The Scriptures. As soon as you recognise this fact, you may begin to fall into favour with our Lord.

“Our Lord visited his flock and saw that all was not good.
Blasphemy and heresy ruled the land.
The Lord punished the sinners and drowned them in their own blood.
But the people of Amarr lived righteously and in fear of God.
Thus they were saved and became God’s chosen.”
- The Scriptures, Book II 2:1

You need not quote the Scriptures at me, I am quite familiar, I assure you.

Let me rephrase my question. In what way does this alleged inferiority manifest? Was the late Heideran VII not recently claimed by an affliction only those of True Amarr heritage suffer from, for instance?

Heideran VII, may he rest in peace, lived a long and honourable life that was unfortunately cut short. However, to state that only the True Amarr suffer from turit disease would be false, as it is known that some Minmatar carry the genes to cause it as well. The only reason it is seen as often as it is (which isn’t very often at all, mind you) is because of the extended lifespan known to those who are at the top of Amarr society, due to our incredible medical technology, and our devotion to God.

As for the inferiority of the other races, you may look no further than the way they act and think. Primitive genes means primitive minds, and nowhere is that as clear as it is with the Minmatar. Amarr excellence is unparalleled, but compare us with them and the difference is night and day. Inferiority is apparent in every single corner of their society, as well as the societies of the Caldari and Gallente. It’s simple comparison, you can see it at a glance.

In spite of the overwhelming evidence that is apparent in every interaction with the lesser empires, none of that truly matters. What matters is the word of God, nothing more.

I wonder why that may be…

(I do not. It is very clear why, and it is pretty disgusting.)

There are many faithful non-True Amarr that act precisely as you do. In fact, your conduct reminds me a lot of a particularly vocal capsule pilot of Khanid heritage.
There are also many True Amarr that do not, many going as far as outright apostasy. Do you have any actual evidence that points towards a genetic factor, or is that just a feeling you have?

It’s very simple. I do not have a single drop on impure blood in me. That fact alone makes me superior to the mixbloods you seem so fond of. And the same can be said for the vast majority of God’s beautiful Empire. We are the largest empire, by quite a bit, because of our undeniable strength, our loyalty to the crown, and our faith in God. The same cannot be said for the other empires.

The evidence is absolutely everywhere, it’s just that you refuse to see it. Just like you refuse to see the light of God. Why is it that you’d choose to turn your back on our creator? Is it fear? Certainly not ignorance, as you assured me of your knowledge of The Scriptures. I just can’t wrap my head around why a person would choose not revel in his benevolence.

It’s not my place to judge, for judgment is reserved for God. However, it’s never too late to turn your life around, our Lord is firm but he is also forgiving. There aren’t many things more important than your soul, are there? Think about that.

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I would watch out with this ranting regarding ‘purity’ if I were you. There exist certain resurgent heretical sects infesting your Empire that are all too fond of their own ‘purity’, and your somewhat “impure” Empress is very much not fond of their ilk.

Probably best to alter your public rhetoric, for your own well being.

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I fear nothing but God.

And regarding the Empress, she was put on the throne by our Lord. That’s all I need to know regarding her right to rule the Empire.

If we should put also the Amarr in your interesting empires critique article, you just responded yourself.

I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand. That quote shows only that I want nothing more than to help others to find God. There’s nothing at all wrong with that. In fact, the goal of helping others to see his divinity is a noble one. It’s something I, and many others, would see as commendable.

I’m curious as to why you see this act of kindness from me as such a bad thing.

Ms. Alcerys;

First, I’d like to thank you. It is so rare that we on this forum get to see the thoughts of others truly laid out in such clarity, and can truly see… that you know nothing about the people you’ve decided to talk about. At all.

The Caldari worship money and trade? You base this on what? The fact that they have a megacorporate framework for their society? That the largest market in the cluster is in their space? Beautiful display of ignorance there. Jita is the trade hub it is because it is fairly central, and the earler trade hub in Yulai was lost. Nor should the corporate structure be seen as a paean to money. Rather, it’s simply an organizing structure built to emphasize efficiency in service to the people.

Why, you might ask, should such a societal structure form around corporations? Well, because that’s the organizations that still had infrastructure and leadership capabilities after the Gallente conducted their starvation blockades against Caldari Prime. So if Caldari corporations were left to rebuild… of course they rebuilt around a corporate framework.

Money and profit are not goals of their own value, but rather they represent how effectively and efficiently the corporate structure is serving the needs of its people: the intention is that a corporation that is functioning well will profit, so a corporation that’s profiting demonstrates that it’s functioning well. In this, they’re not dissimilar from the Amarr doctrinal position that those who are virtuous will be favored by God, and so be successful. That, after all, is the entire basis of the succession tournaments.

Then, let’s just take a moment to remember that the worst-kept secret in the cluster is that the most debauched parties aren’t in the Federation… they’re the ones nobody talks about in the Empire.

Greed? The Federation’s got nothing on a society so founded on greed that it reduces other human beings to property for its wealthy to own. As I’ve said on other occasions, the same ‘we must take them and instruct them’ framing could be applied without making people into property. But the Empire has no interest in really ‘elevating the spirit of mankind’, only in elevating the ego of the Amarr. And so your rulers find ways to make sure there’s always someone to look down on, always someone lower on the hierarchy than even the poorest Amarr: the slave.

Lust? Do I even have to bring up the breeding facilities again? It’s not even a poorly-kept secret that young Amarr nobles sometimes use them to ‘sate the urge’, as it were. And gluttony… ohhhh, there’s a fine charge coming from the people who openly say that all of existence must eventually be theirs. How can a people who demand to own, control, and make use of everything, everywhere ever accuse someone else of gluttony? Hah!

But then you get around to my own people… the peaceful people the Amarr taught to hate, the people the Amarr taught to be vicious, rage-filled, and implacable. You savage and maim entire civilizations, murder an entire world over one man, and dare to call yourselves ‘civilized’?

You are beasts. Murderers, rapists, kidnappers. Human traffickers. You steal whole worlds’ futures from them. And this is ‘kindness’, you say.

But then… you’re also claiming all other peoples are ‘genetically inferior’, but when challenged to support that claim, you revert to talk of ‘divinity’. Are you claiming divinity is genetic, then? Wouldn’t that mean there are Minmatar slaves who carry more of these ‘divine genes’ by sheer luck of centuries of brutality forced upon them by their ‘owners’ than pure-blooded Ni-Kunni who, if they are ‘pure-blooded’ have no Amarr genetics at all? And, indeed, free Minmatar fighting against the Empire who carry more of this genetic ‘divinity’ than all of the Ni-Kunni and Khanid in the Empire, because perhaps as many as seven of their eight great-grandparents were ‘pure-blooded’ True Amarr like yourself?

Because there is no kindness in the Empire. There is only malice, and self-aggrandizing pride.


A True Amarr, pure-blooded of course, not one of your Udorian mixbloods, comes to the IGS and as their first post, chooses to insult the 60% or thereabouts of humanity that isn’t directly ruled by the Throne of Amarr, by disparaging their genetic heritage.

An interesting strategy, for sure.

As a notable True Amarr theophilosopher, award-winning author, and one of the greatest IGS posters of recent times, I would point out that such a haemo-genetic exclusionary approach to membership of the Faith runs counter to official teachings of the Church. Indeed, one of my associates is herself a pure-bred Udorian, a rarity amongst the people of the Empire.

After all, it is Written, that All may become Chosen and are welcome.

For you are all my creation,
And are all equal in my kingdom.

Blood Raiders beg to differ, they think our (capsuleer) blood is crème de la crème. Go ask them yourself.

I see the current crop of Amarr capsuleers that choose to speak here are truly of the highest quality. Behold, the carrier of a bloodline so pure that the inbreeding is evident in their every word. The only good thing I can see is the Tribal propagandists should eventually be getting out of shape from having such easy straw-filled fools to knock down.


Have you not met the Gallente?

The last thing we Caldari have is unfettered access to materialism. Everything is appointed to us by the State based on merit and performance.

Corporatism is not the same as capitalism. Best you learn that difference.