One-line Bad Idea thread continued

(Cade Windstalker) #101

Police SKINs give 100% effect webs as a bonus!

(Kathern Aurilen) #102

Bumping gives skin damage and you have to get out and look at the damage, exchange insurance info call a space tow truck

(Koopman van Luxe) #103

always go for platinum insurance

the initial cost may be high, but by the time your insurance agent is done, the other party will be paying 100% of your bill, lose sec status, give you a killright, and have their omega license temporarily revoked - even if you rammed them!

(Gadget Helmsdottir) #104

Towing of other ships.

–Bubba Gadget

(Cindy the Sewer) #105

A forum thread about bad ideas in which each poster is restricted to one sentence is probably about as bad an idea as it gets.

(yellow parasol) #106

make the game free2play to attract more leechers.

(Buzz Driver) #107

new charity idea: PLEX for Freedom, to help fund IRL insurgencies to overthrow their governments

(ISD Rontea) #108

PLEX for unmute in help channels.

(ISD Rontea) #109

Permanent FW status for all NPC corporation characters.

(Dom Arkaral) #110

That would make sense from a lore perspective :smiling_imp:

(Gadget Helmsdottir) #111

But no stealth, right?
Cloaky stealth bomber fits the role we have already, but a lumbering carpet bomber that needs an escort would be a new niche to fill.

–Bombardier Gadget

(Frostys Virpio) #112

Pandering to reddit’s requests.

(Kathern Aurilen) #113

Stlth bomber has its own roll. I think your right

I think a heavy bomber shouldn’t have stealth. It’s something that will be a sacrifice that you choose and risk.

(Dior Ambraelle) #114

New special edition corvette: 1 turret hard point, it’s role bonuses are 1% extra damage to all turrets and 1% extra shield, armor and hull HP for each PLEX stored in it’s cargo hold, but may only move PLEX between the cargo hold and the vault while docked.

(Dior Ambraelle) #115

I think a cov-ops destroyer should belong to SOE, but the analyzer bonuses should be replaced by a combat bonus, like no targeting delay for example.
The heavy bomber is interesting, but I wouldn’t give them cloak, let them have 2 bomb and 4 torpedo launchers instead.

(Koopman van Luxe) #116

SPZ-3 “Torch” Laser Sight Space Eyepatch character apparel applies a free 10% target painter effect to all locked targets

(Kathern Aurilen) #117

True, forgot that a stealth bomber is a fast dive bomber kinda thing and uses momentum to carry the bomb into the desired area.

I guess it would be a heavy torpedo cruiser with 2 to 3 launchers, I think any more than that would be overboard.

(Luc Chastot) #118

Drones with drone bays.

(zluq zabaa) #119

A module to suddenly make all your friends appear next to you in a fight.

(bbb2020) #120

What would happen if two friends had that module and both used it at the same time in different parts of the universe?