One-line Bad Idea thread continued

(Krysenth) #121

Anyone blue to either of you, your corp, or alliance are all transported into Thera in the middle of the star.

(zluq zabaa) #122

Spacetime gets bend.

(Angela Argo) #123

Remove local.

(zluq zabaa) #124

Force people to join Constellation and Regional Channel.

(ISD Rontea) #125

Remove local… for alpha clones only.

(Dom Arkaral) #126

have anyone in those channels wardecced :smiley:
(who even uses those lol)

(Gadget Helmsdottir) #127

Walking in Ships.

–Gadget needs somewhere to exercise.

(Kathern Aurilen) #128

Pets in space suits

(Memphis Baas) #129

PLEX-skinned LIT cigarette available from the NEX store (cost: 1 PLEX). Animated (anyone who does Show Info on your character portrait will see it) to last 5 minutes. Once smoked, cigarette butt will be shown in the “full body” view at your character’s feet.

(Memphis Baas) #130

Mentor button for newbies (available during tutorial, career missions, and SoE epic arc). When clicked, a random Omega player (who is online) gets a pop-up mission (or opportunity, daily, or agency, or whateverTF) to go help this newbie out at the location, for some rewards.

(Memphis Baas) #131

Anti-Locator Agent - pay the 100k fee normally required by locator agents, but to become untraceable for 1 hour.

(Memphis Baas) #132

Link the Local channels of all starter / newbie systems into a single combined giant Local channel that they all can see.

Link the Local channels for all trade hubs into one combined Local channel, for all the spam (and to make it confusing).

(Memphis Baas) #133

Ship portholes, so we can see out of the ship itself (rather than the cameras), like this:

(Memphis Baas) #134

An option for “immersive” audio, that distorts all EVE sounds to sound as if you’re underwater (or, rather, in the liquid inside the pod). Also, for the purists, replace “ambient sounds” with sounds of bubbles, and replace all music with cetacean calls.

(78 Aster) #135

Drifters that dance on WH space asteroids and play classic rock

(Veskin Sentinel) #136

Option to turn drones into torpedoes, that ram the enemy ship for extra damage (you lose the drones during the process).

(Raudur Froskur) #137

Singularity grenades (0.0 only) with no mass limit, fixed gravity well radius (20-50km), fixed event horizon escape velocity (600m/s), fixed black hole duration (10 seconds); if your ship isn’t fast and agile enough, you wake up in a brand new clone, end of story.

+1 to ramming damage! (damages external appliances only, eg. antennas/aerials/auxiliary engines/weapon systems, and as such only affects scan resolution, slows down speed pickup/direction changes and apply overheat effects to weapons and maybe propulsion modules).

(yellow parasol) #138

a highsec PANIC button to call CONCORD immediately, for only 10 PLEX per use, directly payable from the PLEX vault!

(Jadek Kin) #139

Close all the connections to Thera for 1 week each month.

(zluq zabaa) #140

Drifters taking Sov