One man corp LF partners in c2

(Licio Caleb) #1


Currently I am the only person living in this c2. I would like to expand my operations with an Athanor, however I wouldn’t take full advantage of it alone. Thus, I am looking for one to two people (+alts) to join me.

I am looking individuals with the following characteristics:
-Speaks english
-Has a mic
-Similar playing patterns
-Focused on mining/combat sites
-Willing to leave data/relic sites for me
-Willing to split set up/operation cost/logistics

About me:
-Experienced leader in/out of game
-Mature/responsible individual
-Advanced exploration/scouting/transport ship experience/skills
-Available to play seven days/week, starting right after downtime for a few hours

Contact me here or in-game.

Thanks for your interest.


(Licio Caleb) #2

Still looking

(Patricia Lex) #3


Depending on the effect, if any, in your C2 we might be able to work something out. Look us over and get at me.

(Licio Caleb) #4

Still looking

(system) #5

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