One man corp LF partners in c2


Currently I am the only person living in this c2. I would like to expand my operations with an Athanor, however I wouldn’t take full advantage of it alone. Thus, I am looking for one to two people (+alts) to join me.

I am looking individuals with the following characteristics:
-Speaks english
-Has a mic
-Similar playing patterns
-Focused on mining/combat sites
-Willing to leave data/relic sites for me
-Willing to split set up/operation cost/logistics

About me:
-Experienced leader in/out of game
-Mature/responsible individual
-Advanced exploration/scouting/transport ship experience/skills
-Available to play seven days/week, starting right after downtime for a few hours

Contact me here or in-game.

Thanks for your interest.


Still looking


Depending on the effect, if any, in your C2 we might be able to work something out. Look us over and get at me.

Still looking

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