One of my pretty ladies broke her nail and was locked out of her capsule

Greetings, so almost 4 years ago when New Eden was being re-created by the Longbuck family a pilot was spawned within the Federal Navy Academy of the Gallente Federation by the given name of Carmella Longbuck Soon afterwards this beautiful pilot had setup a google authenticator on the main frostpacker hotline and after breaking her nail one afternoon in a scuffle between the two families, it was discovered that someone on the frostpacker clan had removed her google authenticator.

Now the pw reset feature doesn’t offer the option of removing that as far as I can see in the recover account eve online page, it just shows reset password, though the password is fine and it is the google authenticator. that needs removing on this account for my sweetheart Carmella Longbuck

It had been a long time since visiting this issue with her and I wanted to repair the bond between the two clans by offering them the starter pack as I seen it on special this week.

Side note, (backstory) the fight between the longbuck and frostpacker was due to Carmella Longbuck looked like a well known pirate and was not invited to play for 3years + 10 months and 14 days


I think your best bet is to contact EVE Support with such issues.

Btw so the slogan of the Frostpackers is that “High expectations are futile”, but then what is the slogan of the Longbucks? :thinking:


Before the Y125 ends @Captain_BeerMonster will kneel before a new Princess of Highsec


Those nails just need to HTFU!

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There is only one rightful Princess of Highsec Frostpacker

Well Keena, whom might that be?

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Is that you?

btw I will check to see if my princess had been fixed to be able to log in in a tick so we might have to close this thread soon!

Last chance to inform us whom is that princess you speak of?

Clsoed due request of the Op.

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