Princess' Tiara

1:12 @Aiko_Danuja

Take a knee y’all.

This is so typical of CCP. Posting a video about how to join a corp, talking about some websites where you can recruit and get recruited but they don’t link it anywhere. Nor do they have an EVE Academy article about this subject going into greater detail than the video.

No profile picture on the neocom and the nice camera movement means that this was probably a staged gank by devs on the test server.

The number of wrecks on grid indicates that they probably had to try multiple times to get a shot that they like. Of course, having more cat wrecks than retriever wrecks suggests that part of the problem was that they failed the gank multiple times. lol.

By the way, I can’t find those characters on zkillboard or Evewho. So, I don’t think we can identify any dev alts with the video.
No P2W

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