Login take long time!

Daily login rewards taking too long to log into everyone and should just be evemailed to our accounts as a bundle welcome package.

So today so long, we are experiencing major delay right now and only two more hour to collect our prize before reset!

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It isnt just you, im experiencing the same issue. I cant login at all on any characters. Gets stuck on authenticating and it kicked me out of the game. And i was in space in low sec…


It it letting me log on one client at a time.

Currently doing a full lineup of pilots when this happened.

We will accept our goodies evemailed to us please.

Yep, cannot login again. The server has been very sluggish all day with random disconnects.

Screenshot 2024-06-18 at 19.20.47

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The important question for this thread is;

How would you feel if our daily log in rewards were automatically eve mailed to our pilots or via some instant message?

I’d prefer the server to go back to being as quick as it was prior to this last bug expansion :slight_smile:


Well it’s still quick, the log in must be done early in the day as those rewards we are getting are fantastic.

Maybe CCP could send the rewards in the form of NFTs sent to the e-mail address used to register the account.

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Yep again very long log in time to go from launcher to being ingame Also get handshake error ?

They could charge 1 billion isk for the login rewards we miss.

That’s a great deal!

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Agreed. Though I’m confident the Frostpacker clan could afford 1 Trillion ISK easy so CCP should charge that much from them.


But Princess never ever asked for anything over 1 billion

Can the OP update the post title to login fails rather than long time?

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No, this thread is stating that having many accounts takes a long time.

CCP doesn’t deal in rookie numbers.

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You calling @Aiko_Danuja a rookie?

You mean you can login? None of my characters can.

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CCP does. :wink: And I guess by your question you too. :smiling_imp:

Status shows green.

It did last time too until CCP noticed the forum posts !