One size does not fit all or the ultimate murder module

So here is a thing that bugs me, a lot.

Each and every mod has a counter, well most of them and to “counter” a micro warp drive, you put a scram on it and it is game over.
Now with the introduction of the micro jump drive, you can fit both a micro warp drive and a micro jump drive but one scram disables both.

Now the question is, why?

How about, you have to fit 2x scram to disable both modules and don’t get to disable both because you have one killer-module on.

Wouldn’t it make much more sense to have to use 2x scrams to disable two different modules or create a micro jump drive scram.

And how you select which you want to disrupt? The activate one? and if both are active? or inactive? Capital Ships and Black Ops have both engines, we need different Disruptors/Scrams to disable them?

This is the reason that with Scram you disable both MWD and MJD, also with MFJD. The Attacker cannot select which one want to disrupt with the Scram. And do not talk about Scripts. Scrams do not need scripts.

And in EvE Terms makes sense because these modules attack the Navigation Computer and not the modules themselves. Disruptors only prevent the main use of your Warp and Jump Drives while the Scrambler also prevent the redirection of power to other modules, like MWD, MJD and MFJD which need those engines power to be used.

I never did. I said “create a mjd scram” maybe. And you are confusing a jump drive with the mjd - micro jump drive.

Well, Scripts is one possible answer to my questions. Still waiting for an answer.

Also, I’m not confused about Jump Drive with MJD/MFJD, I know both of them but the problem you are asking to be solved, Capitals/Black Ops also have in the same terms with their WD and JD. So I’m posting a question about it.

I wouldn’t know.

What I am asking here is to separate two different modules that are turned “off” by one and make it two.

A scram basically does weapon disrupting and ecm jamming at the same time and those even have three different modules.

Scram do not do two different things. It does 1 thing which affects 3 modules. Is more like a Weapon Disruptor without Script.

And ECM has 7 different modules, but all those do the same -> Brake Target. And all of them do it in different ways, even those modules which are Race Type can Jam non-racial targets.

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Somebody needs to read up on the Science Lore about EvE’s PEGS and FTL technology authored by Max Singularity that is now Cannon.


…sometimes, whereas a scram does it always.

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