One way of lowering your chance of infection, generally

This is really important!

This is valid for every bacteria and virus. When the canals in your head dry out, it’s much easier to infect yourself with something. Especially in winter, when the air is cold, it’s also much drier.

This is also important for those who use air conditioners, as they tend to dry out the air in rooms. That’s why people in iran, for example, despite high temperatures, are getting quite easily infected.

I just want to help. Most people around me aren’t aware of this rather simple way of increasing the odds in their favours.

For those, who don’t know how to raise the humidity: Everything wet helps. It does not need to be hot or steamy, but that helps even more. As long as the air is dryer than, for example, a wet cloth, the air will pull the water out of it. Big sheets of hot water will raise humidity, but please don’t put ten steaming wet sheets into a single room, because too much humidity isn’t great either. You’ll notice early enough.

Official suggested levels for humidty for humans are 45%-55%. There is no harm raising it up a notch, ignoring these numbers and simply checking your nose. If your nose is more dry than wet, then humidity simply is too low, no matter what anyone says. If you’re unaware of what to classify as “too dry” then grab a piece of toilet paper, fold it properly, put it in hot water and put it into your nose. You’ll understand it from experience.

Also, when you need to go outside and it’s cold, put wet cloth into your nose holes. That’ll prevent the dry air from sucking the liquid out of your head and will help keeping the liquid inside. It makes a difference!

And don’t breathe through your mouth when outside.

Good Luck, mates. o7

The reality of the SARS-CoV-2 virus is the likelihood that multiple contamination and infection are going to occur in regions and possibly even in people who have been quarantined, treated and released or regions that have been cleared as virus free.

China is reporting another increase as the virus is now being imported into China from already infected regions by people who are infected visiting China.

Without a vaccine, the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus appears to be infinitely exponential based on people who have never had contact with a person from China or been to China suddenly becoming infected. There is unknown vector that is allowing the virus to survive outside of the human body for longer than was originally thought. Otherwise people who have never been in contact with the infected or been to China would not becoming infected.

The Stark County Health Department has confirmed a second case of COVID-19, the infection caused by a new coronavirus.

The county resident who is in his or her 50s had a “presumptive positive” test result and no known exposure to the virus or travel outside the state, making it likely community spread.

It is Stark County’s second community spread case this week. A 53-year-old man was treated at Mercy Medical Center and tested positive.

The only way the virus could have spread to the man is via the air or birds, possibly a bat would the most likely reservoir as bats are commonly known to carry the SARS family of virus.

If the man been in direct contact with someone who had been in non-direct contact with an infected person in Stark County those who had been in contact with the infected person would have become sick prior to the infected man becoming sick.

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