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You probably want some extra zinc too, just to be safe.

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Well, as long as you don’t take too much, it shouldn’t hurt anything (yes, too much Vitamin D can be toxic). Unfortunately, it wasn’t a double blind study, so I would take it with a grain of salt. Also, that website is run by a writer who doesn’t seem to have the best level of scientific literacy.

Like, check this out.

This is a peer-reviewed, randomized, controlled study of hospitalized Covid-19 patients. So it is an “RCT”. [Correction: no placebo was used. The intervention group received calcifediol and the control group did not. Both groups received BAT, best available treatment.] This is the type of study that the press and various online critics demand. Some persons unwisely reject all other types of studies, which is not reasonable or scientific. But this is the type of study we’ve been waiting for, to confirm the other 20 studies here.

First, saying that “the press and online critics” demand double blind studies and reject all others is exceptionally misleading. It’s medical professionals that want double blind research (because it helps control for the placebo effect). Moreover, they do not reject other research. The do, however, consider the results of double blind research to be significantly more compelling than the results of other research.

Second, nothing has been confirmed. We don’t even have a meta-analysis of the research, and even then, that wouldn’t “prove” anything. It can, at best, only provide strong evidence. It’s why the Dr. in this video refuses to say the words, “vaccines do not cause autism,” in spite of her belief that vaccines do not cause autism.

Third, he seems to be looking for evidence that supports his beliefs, rather than forming beliefs from the evidence available to him.

I’m not saying it’s all bunk or anything, just that you should be sure to maintain a level healthy skepticism.

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Why do you bring vaccines and autism into this?
What does this thread/study have to do with that ■■■■?

Is it really necessary to shove this picture into people’s faces?

If there’s even a possibility of Vitamin D helping with covid …
… then that’s really worth a lot already, no?

Anyone who overdoses …
… as in not checking how much he can take …
… hopefully learned a lesson he’s still able to benefit from.

So …

Why would you make good the enemy of perfect?

First of all, I think your heart is in the right place, but that website raised a few red flags. Thus, I felt compelled to bring them up.

I brought it up to illustrate a point. But, let’s put that aside to concentrate on what’s more important right now… That study doesn’t confirm ■■■■. And the fact that he says that it does is a red flag. At best, it provides weak evidence to support the idea that vitamin D is helpful to corona virus patients.

Not necessarily.

First, I actually watched a lecture where the speaker asserted that there was research that found that taking supplements was actually correlated with increased mortality (I don’t particularly feel like searching for the lecture or the research, but will if you actually want to watch/read it). Of course, correlation is not causation, and it is unclear what exactly could be going on there. But, she did say that research seemed to show that the only people that actually benefited from supplements were those that were suffering from a legit vitamin deficiency.

Second, people do sometimes poison themselves with supplements because they are unaware of the danger. Hell, people actually called poison control to ask if it was safe to consume bleach after the president mentioned it. So yeah, this is a real danger, and it is worth mentioning.

Third, even an ineffective treatment can be dangerous if it used in lieu of effective treatment. Remember, there are a lot of uninsured and unemployed people without health insurance in the US right now. And some of them will see stuff like this and decide to treat themselves with potentially ineffective (or even dangerous) treatments instead of going to the doctor.

That does not apply here. Medical misinformation can be dangerous. And, make no mistake, that guy is spreading misinformation. It might not be as egregious and dangerous as telling people that masks are innefective, but it’s still misinformation. Studies with major limitations can only suggest that a potential treatment is worth further investigation. It cannot “confirm” that a treatment works.

Now, all of that being said. If you want to take Vitamin D, and stay under the maximum safe dosage, it probably won’t hurt anything. However, I strongly assert that no one should take vitamin D instead of a seeing a doctor if you get (or suspect that you might have) the corona virus.

Finally, if you or anyone else is interested in health care information (including on covid), I suggest checking out Health Care Triage. He’s a medical doctor, he seems to be scientifically literate (not all doctors are), has a good head on his shoulders, and hasn’t sold out (he’s not a Dr. Oz type). Oh, and he’s a good communicator, so he’s easy to listen to.

And, by the way,

The picture is the thumbnail of the video that was chosen/accepted by the video creator. I didn’t chose it. I didn’t shove it any one’s face.

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Thank you for your post!
I really appreciate it!

Personally I’m not convinced we should be caring about people who can’t think for themselves to the degree that it kills them …
… especially considering what kind of person seems to believe that big asshole that “ran” the US for the last four years.

But I’m happy about everyone who is smart enough to ask or look up information.
Those guys at least have a chance of turning into decent people.

Nah, I get farts from that, which makes me believe these liquid droplets I’ve gotten aren’t any good.
I’d rather go sun bathing … (in the actual shine it’s still really warm)
… or eat fish or whatever appropriate. No supplement ■■■■■■■■.

You did. The moment you saw that this face was planted here by your action of linking the video …
… and you accepting that this is going to be seen by everyone else …
… you’ve shoved it into our collective faces.

I have no idea who that is, but it doesn’t matter anyway.

Thanks for your post!

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I saw the thread title but didn’t read it, knew it had something to do with Vit D and covid… but there is more and more evidence suggesting that people like me, with Type O are not as impacted by this.

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What the Frackles, does that have to do with this???

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That’s a good question. The OP has hid his OP and I think changed the title so there is not much I can say except that prior dealings with the OP indicates that people who hide their posts are shady, and deserve no sympathy.

What was in the OP and title that he is now trying to bury?

If you read the rest of this thread you would understand it had something to do with Vitamin D and the correlation to Covid-19. A lot of people make threads then decide to delete them. His is no different. His probably had misinformation in it and he decided to delete it.

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If I were to exaggerate a bit, the article said that vitamin D cures Covid-19. It was more complicated than that, of course.


Well, I can’t speak for Solstice’s behavior in other threads, but he doesn’t deserve to get grief over anything he said in this one.


Uh, yeah. “Something”. Its that something that is the question.

In fact it seems he does or he would explain rather than try to hide his OP and just waltz away and even go so far as to change the thread title to something TOTALLY different.

Shady. Doesn’t get him off the hook. No sympathy. And he does not get a clean slate by simply opening a new thread. Hypocrisy does not wash with me. The guy needs to have a look in the mirror. He might even discover the testicular fortitude to condemn his own imperious, presumptive, insulting and crappy behavior in my thread.

One thing I will tell you about Covid 19 is that I doubt most everything I hear, including a lot of the doubt I hear expressed. Its all made worse by people attempting to monetize everything around it, such as treatments. The well of information is well poisoned and its going to be hard to separate fact from fiction for a long time to come. My patch solution is fall back on old information about cold viruses, and if you rememer, that is what Covid 19 is, a cold virus.

What I have always heard is that vitamins A, C. and E are great for fighting off colds, especially in prevention. And the best way to get those is through spinach, well, as long as you don’t boil the hell out of it. But even that info may not be correct. And in fact, I believe that for the last 15 years we are being fed a new strain of spinach that might not be so rich in vitamins. I am telling you, though I can find no nformation on it, spinach has changed. It used to be if you ate it raw it would leave a slightly unpleasant aftertaste, a kind of powdery tart flavor. Not anymore.

And while it may seem I have digressed, that whole situation is just one of the things that makes me doubt. There is so much misinformation and hidden information these days. I thought the internet would cure those. Boy was I freaking wrong.

So vitamin D effective against Covid 19? No comment. That said, best not be deficient in any vitamin if you don’t want to get sick.

What I’ve removed …
… was the link to the study claiming taking Vitamin D reduces your chances of ICU admission by 97%.

That’s why I removed it.

For you this is just personal. You thought you caught me doing the same thing …
… and didn’t at all think this through. You’re just making yourself look even more suspicious now. lol

But … whatever.
Can’t delete my own thread.
I guess I should just report it.

No. I just gave to you the same unfair treatment you gave to me. You just plain judged me wrong because your view of the world is too narrow to see better possibilities. You actually think I was being 100 percent serious in accusing you like you did me?! The fact you are so blind, pompous and unapologetic about all this is just sad.

You are right. And that does not apply to spinach only. Vegetables and fruits grown before were much tastier (richer in minerals) than the ones we eat today. Reasons: soil depletion, playing “god” with the vegetables and changing how the plant grows, the resistance against pest and similar, make the plant take in lesser minerals than before. Etc.

I’m just going to add additional thing, in case it was overseen, … Water soluble vitamins in the veggies / fruits are extremely sensitive to heat. Let’s take vitamin C as an example. After just 30 minutes of high heat (140° C), you can calculate that you’re losing around 60% of the mentioned vitamin.

Regarding vitamin D3 (Cholaciferol). One needs to be careful since it’s fat soluble. If not digested properly, it could cause toxicity (hypervitaminosis D). Personally, I’ve been taking 20.000 Units of D3 per week since 2016 (even in summer). And I’ve been taking vitamin B12 - daily dose of 1000 µg. And no, I am not vegetarian. But it just seems that my body can’t extract the B12 from the food.

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