Onyx VS Eagle

So i have used the onxy extensively and with the new ADC i wanted to try out the eagle. Problem is i can’t find a fit where the eagle Either out tanks or out DPS’ an onyx. every time the onyx is coming out on top. the only advantage i can find to the eagle is that it is slightly faster and has the sig penalty reduction. I can see them being more useful in large fleets but is there any reason to use an Eagle over an onyx in a small gang?

Eagle is sniper.

Onyx is tackler.

onyx gets better range <-> damage when sniping :confused: again in large fleets where the flight time becomes a much bigger factor or the low damage of the extreme range is compensated for i could see it and i’m not sure the little bit of extra speed would be a big help in small gang. not to mention the near 40 km point the onyx can maintain while long kiting and the 20km defensive scram it can swap to freeing up the need for any shorter tackle/screens.

not that i’m just trying to shoot you down i really want to fly a HAC and the Eagle is the one i’m best trained for. I’m just not seeing its use for me. If its meant for large gangs there is no problem with that i will just move on.

Eagle has drones now? That’s a great perk for sniping fit :laughing:

Solo or small gang I’d go Onyx.

as much as people scoff at them i have had small web drones win me the fight. they are not very strong but when kiting it can really extend the time it takes for some one to get on top of you or even tip it so you are going slightly faster than your opponent.

and ofc ec-300s those are always a good choice.

but yeah looks like i will be sticking with the onyx : /

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