Open high sec freighter production to the masses again

Due to the way low sec and null sec rig material efficiency bonuses work, for years now, freighter production has been in the hands of a select few that have gotten stupidly rich. A select few.
You simply cannot build profitably in high sec and compete with them.

It was probably a feature designed to fuel pvp but who in his right mind takes a freighter full of minerals to low or null sec to start capital components production?

Point of the matter is, the freighter is a high sec ship, it shouldn’t get material efficiency bonuses from its components being built elsewhere.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, more here:
High Sec Manufacturing Dead

lmao what?

you mine the ore locally and import compressed varieties of ore for minerals that you don’t have. you don’t go around hauling freighters full of minerals.

just goes to show you how much OP actually knows (or in this case, doesn’t know) what he’s talking about.

[citation needed]

Begone troll!

Thukker rigs are intended to encourage industry in Lowsec. There is risk associated with the material efficiency bonus they provide. If you’re not prepared to accept the risk, why should you expect the reward?

As someone who has been manufacturing in highsec for years, I can assure you it is alive and well - albeit experiencing a bit of pain at the moment with the spike in Morphite. There are still lots of products that can be manufactured profitably in highsec and - that’s where the markets are.

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I can’t tell for sure if you lack knowledge here or you are just trolling . It’s like saying some people have T2 original BPOs and there’s no point in manufacturing T2 items anymore.

Scoots can often lack tact, but he can bring up good points.

Anyway, the freighter is not a highsec only ship. It may see more use in HS than in other areas of space, but they do certainly see use in other areas of space.

Rig bonuses are designed to help balance risk versus reward. So no, bonuses shouldn’t be changed so that the lowest risk security space is the most profitable space to build in. Of course, now that I think about it, I would be open to the idea of LS bonuses being bigger than NS bonuses because LS is arguably more dangerous than null.

And, as Do Little points out, perhaps you should concentrate on building the things that are profitable for you to build, instead of lobbying for game mechanics changes that will make what you’re building profitable.

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Sorry if you saw that Oriki. I misread what you wrote. lol.

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It’s funny how they were intended to encourage industry and ended up dictating prices and excluding the high sec production . I just want to be able to sell my freighters profitably again.


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I’ve got 50 bills invested in freighter production and no desire to join a low sec corp. I can’t simply switch focus now. I’ll probably quit if this doesn’t get solved.

Investments do come with some risks in this game , if it wasn’t for such risks personally I wouldn’t be playing it anymore . You might be stuck now but at some point you’ll be profitable again , the market in Eve it’s a roller coaster .


Dude, you’re asking for balance breaking changes because you don’t want to adapt. This is not a design problem that needs to be solved. This is a personal challenge that you need to overcome. And if you’re not willing to do that, I’m sorry. I’m really not trying to be a dick, but I’d rather see you stop playing that see the game be fundamentally broken.

  • Oh, and if you invested in freighter production early, you should have made your money back and should have nothing to complain about.
  • If you invested in HS freighter production late, that sucks, but that’s the risk of being a laggard. Learn your lesson, and grow from here.
  • And if you invested in HS freighter production without even checking to see if it was profitable first, then this is definitely you’re fault. Learn your lesson, and grow from here.

Now, here are some ideas:

  • Sell your freighter BPO’s
  • Join an industry oriented LS/NS/WH group (and maybe make some new friends)
  • See if you can sell capital components for a profit
  • Look for other ways to make up the difference (i.e. build out of a HS structure (that you trust) with the best bonus that you can find, use strategically placed lowball ore buy orders, make sure that your BPO’s are fully researched if not done so already, make sure that you’re building in stacks of ten, etcetera)
  • Do something else for a while (industry or non-industry oriented)
  • Give me all your stuff and quit the game.

Alright, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. But I’m not going to stick around this thread any longer if you’re just going to stick to your guns.


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I am sure you are trolling…

Especially after saying how much you are invested into Freighter production.

Mass building of Orcas and Freighters takes time after the cap parts are built…and they should.

If this is about ISK…then crash the market, T1 battleships can be profitable when done in mass production and are cheaper and way faster than Cap production.

No one is going to fix that for you, so you’d better contract me your stuff and leave.

Can I have your stuff?

Not really.

most T1M0 stuff has no profit unless you have a good structure with good rigs in a low cost index. Which therefore won’t remain low cost index for long …

If I wanted to sell charon the same profitability as I do for other stuff, I would need to sell it 4.2B.
For the same profitability, I sell scorpion at 395M. Or manticore 49M. or caracal 30M.

Why did you invest in something you admit isn’t profitable?

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