Open Question - Exploring What Do you Want Me To Know

Saw a great youtube set of videos where a player looked back and advised what they should have done when starting out, example run all the training videos.

As a “new” Explorer both Known and Wormhole, I am sure many vets want to tell “new” explorers something…

Go for it…


Don’t forget to bookmark your wormhole.

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The advice you get on the forums will be somewhat random - some useful, some not. If you want to learn quickly from experts, join an exploration focused corporation like Signal Cartel.

This, and always carry two sets of probes. Even if the client tries to not lose probes it happens from time to time. For example if your cargo hold is full when you want to retract the probes.

The randomness is exactly what I’m looking for and giving starting a forum to post. Those small things like BM, Probes will help…

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