[Open reward] Greasy Thumb Fortizar 1 jump from Rens

Hi, playing solo is my prefered playstyle, i have taken over entire constellations with outposts in delve solo, running large scale wormhole operations with fortizars, going berserk with a Naglfar against larger groups etc. Much fun, but i sometimes run into issues due to this, that is hard to solve alone. As much as a dislike batphoning, it’s sometimes needed.

i have been running a popular station solo for past 4 years in Abudban.
PIRAT seems te been hired to get rid of it, and did a good job on attacking it twice, now it´s in armor.

Sent: 2020.03.18 19:09
The Abudban - GREASY THUMB HUB/MGF/REF/INV/CLO in Abudban has lost its armor and is now in a reinforcement state for the next 5 days and 12 minutes. It will exit reinforcement at 2020.03.23 19:21 and will then be vulnerable for 30 minutes.

I will not contact any mercs, instead i´ll make this an open reward, since many larger alliances have a standing war with PIRAT already.

There will be a reward of 10 billion isk to share between any larger groups that sucessfully defend the station from going boom.
Additional 10 bill reward will be handed out, if you manage to kill 20 BC sized ships or larger from PIRAT while defending or shortly after.
The fortizar will be manned by me during the defence cycle,

If there is no defence showing up, well come and watch the light show.

Is this ICY throwing his weight around again? Seem to remember they did similar a few years ago over market taxes…

Thank you for confirming that we might get a fight. We are game for a scrap. If too many we will blue ball stay in jita and hit your structure again the following day. Instead reach out to me in game and lets talk. I will prefer the fight so negotiations will cost more than 10bil for sure.

Thank you for having a sand castle we can play with.


No effort to make an agreement has been made, so reward offer still valid.

what is there Fleet consisting of?

Leshaks (10-15) and logistics Basilisk (5-10).

Ok, station was destroyed, GJ.
Case losed, no one took the reward offer.

I could offer you a belly scratch seeing how you rolled over and allowed the structure to blow up.

Oh that’s so cute you thinking this ends here and now :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Great job here… really…

What?! With such a GnErOuS rEwArD???

It’s almost as if nobody will fight your battles if you don’t pay them beforehand

Might aswell have made that 100bil

If anyone is losing ships like that in highsec to bash a shitty fort, in what world wouldnt they just disengage lmao

OP, ask yourself

Why, when Chribba’s station was threatened many years ago, did half of EvE come to his aid with no reward at all?

@Black_Pedro ping.

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