Opensource Release: Project VG Marauder

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Hey all,

I use Incursioning a lot to pay ze bills, and we developed a way to make a VG ( Vanguard ) Shield Fleet using either Marauders or Logi Cruisers as reppers.

You can even mix Marauders with Logi Cruisers for poops & giggles.

So you fly into a Vanguard Incursion SIte, shoot the Sansha, & rep yourselves using either Marauder Reps or Logi Cruiser Reps.

It’s a shield system, that does not require an SRP. It doesn’t need an Insurance system because of the Panic Buttons ( Local Reppers ) each hull has.

It’s a good laugh, but my current crowd do not want it. As such I am putting it up as an Open Source release.

Have the Sansha invaded your system? Do you have a 20 man corp? Then you too could fly out & farm them for ISK, erm, I mean smite them!

11 on grid pays about 10m a site in High Sec, plus it’s fun.

This Toon is a High-sec’er Carebear, but… It can be used anywhere.

A couple of points. It’s Vanguard only. And… It’s not opti as much as heavy tanking.

With it not being Opti you’ll pull 6-7 minute sites times with a good fleet, which means you have to avoid contests.


We have a chat channel at ’ Project VG Marauder '.

We have a mailing list at ’ Project VG Marauder '.

You don’t have to use the chat channel if you don’t want to.

Fun-fun-fun :slight_smile:


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Not exactly sure what this means.

Do you have an established ship fitting and fleet doctrine already set up?

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