Operation Astral Blockade

Operation Astral Blockade :


Operation Astral Blockade is a coordinated effort aimed at securing a star system within the vast expanse of New Eden in EVE Online for a set amount of time . This time perimeter is key to eventually create times of safe passage. The primary objective of this operation is to establish a defensive perimeter to safeguard freighter convoys traversing through the system from the relentless assaults of gankers.

Utilizing strategic positioning and formidable firepower, participating pilots will work together to create a fortified barrier around key entry points and trade routes within the system. The operation will be conducted at predetermined times, carefully chosen to coincide with periods of heightened ganker activity, effectively closing down the system to hostile forces while ensuring safe passage for legitimate spacefarers.

The backbone of Operation Astral Blockade will be the deployment of Shield Repair ships, tasked with maintaining the integrity of freighter defenses under sustained assault. These dedicated support vessels will work tirelessly to keep freighters protected from incoming damage, allowing them to navigate through the system unscathed.

In addition to Shield Repair ships, other combat vessels specializing in damage-per-second (DPS) and electronic warfare (e-war) will play a crucial role in the operation. DPS ships will engage hostile targets, neutralizing threats before they can inflict significant harm, while e-war vessels will disrupt enemy communications and sensor capabilities, further impeding their ability to coordinate attacks effectively.

By coordinating efforts and leveraging a diverse array of ship roles, Operation Astral Blockade aims to establish a formidable defense network that not only safeguards freighter convoys but also serves as a deterrent to would-be gankers, ensuring the continued flow of commerce throughout the star system. Through vigilance, coordination, and unwavering resolve, participating pilots will uphold the principles of safety and security in the face of adversity, standing as guardians of the spaceways in New Eden.

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If you would like to take part move shield logo to Uedama , then follow this post for operational times. To start we will try for a 45 minutes lock down to allow safer passage.

Evening EU time to start things off

Please follow this post for times ,

Any questions on ships or fittings please reply here

As more people take part so we can open more time slots if we have the numbers .

Doing it in time slots gives out known time for freighters to travel a dangerous system and keeps the initiative under our control, rather than chasing gankers around endlessly and wasting our time

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Thank you that always makes me laugh

Just to add , there is no requirements to join a fleet or join a corp , just show up at a designated system and follow instructions for the set time.

Great for sole players so very little socialisation required if that’s not your thing

Hmm, what‘s in for participants than 45min of boredom? I checked zkill, and freighter ganks in Uedama are far between…


Uedama can be a starting point and people ship spin or mine for longer so I can’t see a problem


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But do you have a permit for these blockades? I don’t think so…

Half my alts are currently based in Uedama already…though I’m really more interested in lowsec PvP after getting my first solo kill there recently. Needless to say, in highsec I’ll be on the side of the gankers.

Hate to break it to you , but that isn’t a solo kill sweetie.

it is an F1 Monkey kill.

Nooo…it was one of my alts that got the solo kill. In fact it’s reaching a point where Altara is probably not my ‘main’ any more. Over half my killboard is now other chars.

In a Gnosis ?

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Indeed. Mucho DPS…and with a just 5m SP alt…but in lowsec territory where there’s people hanging about who have 9000 solo kills and Lokis and Tengus etc etc. Scary.

But its a start…though it was an easy kill, and at least nobody can say any more that I dont do lowsec or solo stuff.

Nice going on the solo kill

Rumor has it that she popped a NEPF that strayed out of high sec.

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Is friendly fire turned on?

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