Operation: Darting Finch Wargame Opening For Month Of May

This is an official announcement of the start of Operation: Darting Finch, another Combined Arms Wargame and Technology Trial centered in MHC-R3, sponsored by House Brezia, The Round Table Assembly, Wolf Brothers INC, the United Neopian Federation, and regional distribution offices of Quafe and Starsi have thrown in as tentative co-sponsors with the stipulation that the ‘Teams’ of any given engagement, land, air, sea, and space being ‘Team Quafe’ and ‘Team Starsi’ respectively.

The Wargame will run from Today, May 5th until the morning of May 30th.

Deployment zones will be more limited for this wargame, being focused primarily on planets II, III, and IV, with some combat trials and sub-operations taking place on moons, minor orbital installations, and the ring system of planet VII.

Also on showcase will be a number of Warclone adjacent cloning techniques for non-combat focused roles using fifth lobe and subcompact TEBS technologies.

Pre-configured warbarge conversions for various Freighters, Deep Space Transports, and more will be available for use by clone mercenary and pilot units, as well as refurbished Cestus and Charon(not to be confused with the freighter) class Mobile Command Centers and pre-configured Destroyer conversions for use as well.

Clone Pilot Entities will have access to basic fightercraft, as well as the Strix II and Jackal II series advanced craft patterns, but all other advanced craft previously showcased remain on indefinite recall.

As in previously hosted wargames, all basic equipment and biomass will be furnished by the sponsoring entities, but advanced materials will either need to be self-supplied or purchased from a sponsor.

Gwennan Class Warbarges will again be on showcase, as well as a handful of older Amaterasu class Ishukone Corporate Scale Warbarges, and various pertinent weapons and armor technologies.

Warbarge conversion kits(for Freighters, Carriers, DSTs, and more), MCC conversion kits for destroyer class hulls, and Warclone Team Deployment Ship Conversion Kits for frigate and stealth bomber hulls will be available to purchase through Alta ShipWorks and Moltaran FleetWorks for the duration of the Wargame

Invitations have been sent once again to all Empire aligned PMCs, all member warclone clans of the Round Table Assembly, and as of this announcement, Any and All Interested Parties That Wish To Participate or Spectate the events.

Fortune’s Favor and Good Hunting!

[Cameradrone Capture Over MHC-R3 III Courtesy of @Captain_Hashat_Septima ]

Updates: As of YC126.5.6, an anonymous Paramilitary Group has pledged 500.000 Backed Up Marine Units to support Team Starsi in the Wargames. These 500.000 units will be distributed across engagement zones in accordance with planned Logistics Budgets in favor of Team Starsi across system

We will be entering a brief intermission for the next four days in the wargames for a number of technical demonstrations related to Gwennan class warbarge units, tidebreak deployment beacons, weapons, and more
As of now, Team Starsi has a stiff lead on Team Quafe at 354 Operational Victories to 280 Operational Victories, and leads in value destruction, particularly on Planet III, however Team Quafe has begun to regain some ground from their strength in Spaceborne Operations, Stationside Defense and Assault, and Extreme Environment Ops elsewhere within Wargame zones

Operation Darting Finch Resuming After Planned Intermission Period


Operation Darting Finch is now Resuming after it’s four day intermission period with a renewed focus on Orbital and Stationborne Operation Engagements, as well as shipboard boarding and counterboarding simulations both atmospheric and exoatmospheric.

A number of Warclone Clone Pilot Engagements Are Scheduled as Exhibition Matches to coincide with a number of these operations, as well as for forces to call in support from warclone pilots during the groundside operational sets alongside full starship grade orbital strikes.

During the Intermission Period a number of parties expressed notable interest in Civilianized Warclone Adjacent cloning methods and technologies as an alternative to the coming Upwell Cloning technology on the horizon, and we look forward to continuing work on such developments to ensure that healthy competition in the cloning and worker markets remains active.

Added Updates to primary posting Related to resuming of the wargame.