Operation Preening Ditz - Warclone Wargames and Technology Trials in MHC-R3

House Brezia, Wolf Brothers INC, the United Neopian Federation, and the Brezia Companion Services are proud to formally announce the launch of Operation Preening Ditz, an active Destructive contact Warclone Wargame and Technology Trial event running from today, through the end of the weekend!

Preening Ditz will be held across multiple planets in MHC-R3, but will primarily be focused on Planets I, II, IV, and V, and will be limited to pre-cleared and prepared locations and approved battlezones on surface, and in localized planetary spheres of influence.

House Brezia, Wolf Brothers INC, and the United Neopian Federation will be furnishing all biomass and basic equipment needs for participating warclone and warclone adjacent entities active from this posting, until 1200 New Eden Standard Time on Monday

All participants and supporting staff will have access to the amenities and facilities of the planet VI Orbital Ring Complex, and Arcology, as well as resort access on the island coasts on planet III in between battletrial deployments.

Under supervisory deployment will be examples of the supercapital Gwennan class Gen2B Integrated Planetary Support Vessels, smaller corporate scale rated Planetary Support Ships, an array of advanced ground support craft, warclone rated space fighters, and advanced translocative deployment systems for warclone testing and use.

As of now, the Bosena Accords and number of associated independent warclone clans have already begun trial activities, with a number of others expected to participate.

Destructive Trialing of experimental systems is ongoing, and expected throughout, and all engagement zones are cleared for Warclones, Capsuleers, or approved backed up support personnel ONLY.

Invitations currently have been sent to all Empire based PMCs that are known to operate warclone units, though at this time we have not received any responses as yet, and with the beginning of Preening Ditz, Capsuleer associated warclone entities, and non-Accord affiliated Independent Clans are invited to join the Trials, and observers from the Big Four militaries and other interested parties are welcome and even encouraged to attend if they so wish.


CONCORD have got to be crapping their pants right now. We haven’t seen combined arms doctrine with warclones involved for almost a decade. Lo and behold: Corps have just been sitting on all the tech they need to mobilize a whole legion of 5th Lobers on a moment’s notice. It’s just pageantry for now, but all it took to open Pandora’s Box back up was a guerilla war over a Bowhead in the middle of nowhere. Question is: Who’s going to spit in SARO’s cornflakes first?

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Perhaps its worth clarifying that these battle trials are available to all warclone entities, not just the 5th Lobe variety. This includes warclone fighter pilots and combat MTAC operators, even if the terminology is largely associated with 5th Lobe Warclones.

This isn’t the first trial sets we’ve sponsored or run, not or is this the first time we’ve deployed or worked with warclones of all variety, or worked with advanced technologies associated.

Though it is not inaccurate to describe it as something of pageantry, its a destructive battle trial and weapons expo with safety guards in place afterall.

As for spitting in SARO’s cornflakes… someone probably already has. The reason this is in MHC-R3, and not Eugales, has a great deal to do with SARO and DERAIL.

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Best kind of pageantry if you ask me. Makes for good cam footage and data analysis too. Hell, I’d go as far as to say it puts you lock and step above your competition. All the criminals and thugs are doing it under the table. Your folk making a public event out of it? Genius.

They like firing into the shadows at the first sign of danger. It makes them look scary and discourages upstarts from trying, but it also betrays a certain type of desperation. The Deathless seems to be operating on bare-minimum standards, dumping human popsicles holding dirt cheap rifles onto a rock with shuttles like in the earliest days of the tech. The DED have been stomping out warclone groups with even lower tech levels than that.

But you guys? You’ve got the good stuff. Orbital cannons, battle tanks, dropships. Probably got a few Mobile Command Centers tucked away too. Those things keep working with a layer of rust, two dozen bullet holes, and plugged up filters until they burn up on the inside.

I say go get 'em. It’s about time the dogs were freed from their unconscionably abusive kennel masters. Maybe the pigs will shrink away from the tide of wolves coming their way and just legalize the tech again.

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We will be continuing to use this thread for future updates in regard to Operation Preening Ditz

As of today, Operation Preening Ditz II is in Preparatory Phase, and will enter Active Phase on Thursday at 1200 NEST once more in MHC-R3.

As in the Previous Operation, examples of the Supercapital Gwennan Class Gen2B will be on limited support deployment of Operation Zone Theatres on planetary surfaces. There will also be significant expansions in operation scope to include limited boarding and counter boarding operations with pre-established ship hulls in limited format, as well as small station boarding actions setup in prefab designs with varied objective sets to accomplish and aim for.

There will also be a number of Gwennan Gen2C IPSVs available for limited tasking alongside the Gen2Bs, and smaller corporate scale warbarges. Conversion kits for Carriers, Freighters, Industrial Command Ships, and Deep Space Transports will also be available for purchase on-site for those that wish to use their own planetary support but do not currently have access to more dedicated platforms(this also should widen the breadth of clans able to participate as this was a concern raised during the earlier Preening Ditz I Wargame.)

Current Restrictions on entry into combat zones remain in place. Combat Zones largely remain on planets I, II, IV, and V, however specialist Warfare Zones are now in place on one of Planet III’s minor continents and archipelago systems where some truly interesting manifestations of the planet’s more extreme biospheres are quite prominent in thee jungles and waters, and near the Northern Pole of planet VI where the worldstorm remains at its strongest, for Extreme Environment Warfare.

As before all Basic Equipment and biomass requirements will be covered for the duration of the Wargame.

Invitations have been sent to all previous participants, and this posting represents an open invitation to all comers, Capsuleer or Warclone, or other observers, that wish to participate so long as they abide by the limitations of the wargame.

Amenities and locales previously available for rest and relaxation between deployments will be open once again.

There are bound to be some delightful surprises along the way.


@Ulysses_Redmane I feel it pertinent to extend a public invitation directly as well.

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If you guys fancy for some unpredictable and more challenging technology I would gladly supply you with our prototype warclone blanks for testing. Free of charge ofc.

Just drop me a line if you are interested.

How was the Name of this Operation decided ?

It seems a bit Unusual.

Perhaps the message is to clear the warclone ranks from reckless and untrustworthy infomorphs :thinking:

As a significant portion of the wargames intentions are the showcasing of new technologies, adding such to the roster and rotations is certainly an amenable idea, though it may only see fairly niche adoption even during the duration.

Something of an old in-joke about a certain hybrid-bird of note. Its relevance is more to add some levity to the usual grisly business that such mortally-challenged wargames usually entail


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