Operation Epiphany - Zarzakh - Deathless Circle

It’s not normal -1…there just isn’t CONCORD. Deathless is enforcing peace in their place.

“This weapons emplacement has been set up in Zarzakh by the Deathless Circle as a means to enforce the pirate organization’s notions of “peace” in their system. Any enemies of the Deathless Circle or violators of the peace will suffer the retribution of the Deathless and their pirate allies.”

or… could one hope… paying capsuleers to do the dirty work for them?

Looks like normal -1.0 to me on the map, what is making you think its any different?

I edited my above statement, but you also cannot use Cynos, Bubbles, bombs, among other things, plus they have patrols…just not sure if they act like EDENCOM/Trig victory systems or CONCORD

Right, but there are other systems that prevent those too, and where are you seeing anything about patrols? given none of us have stepped inside the system i would be curious where you’re getting that information from exactly, not that i’m disputing the cyno blocking, but that being said the gates appear to allow capitals to take them anyway so you wouldn’t need a cyno to get in

Game files, hoboleaks is a thing.

Eh hoboleaks isn’t guaranteed to be accurate though, so its an assumption not a fact

It’s literally in the game, yes things can change…but this close to Fanfest, they will only be minor changes.

I mean you’re assuming fanfest marks when things go live, wouldn’t be the first time CCP pushed stuff to TQ too early lol

There is a reason the crystal ball item exists

Also, from reading those strings it sounds like Zarzakh will be a disappointment and boring :frowning:

Have you noticed how high the standings toward Deathless Circle (now Deathless Custodians) must be to use certain services (like clone bay, fitting, industry, repair, reprocessing) at that lone Zarzakh station? +10.0 !

There is every service available so you can move there.
I wonder how much office rent will be :thinking:

This must be serious operation :slight_smile:

After exploring click path of Zarzakh station’s Show info panel, I arrived at this screen

So it is officially a faction that welcomes capsuleers of all provenance.

Faction description: The Deathless Circle emerged from the shadows of New Eden’s criminal underworld as a new power among the major pirate factions in YC125, with their occupation and control of the abandoned Jovian outpost system of “Zarzakh” posing a new challenge to the forces of law and order. Following years of rumor and suspicion as to the activities of the mysterious figure known as “The Deathless”, the Circle has come into clear focus as a coalition of criminals, pirates, and renegades from across New Eden, though principally involving members of Caldari and Minmatar organized crime groups. The dark underbelly of Caldari society’s network of crime families and so-called “disassociated”, combined with the reach of Thukker gangsters and smugglers provides the Deathless Circle with a potent reservoir of talent and resources.

The elite of the Deathless Circle’s espionage and research groups are also evidently drawn from across New Eden, though with obvious connections to those operating in the shadows of the Caldari and Minmatar counter-economies. The crowning achievement of the Deathless Circle is the discovery of Zarzakh and its occupation of the ancient Jovian outpost that has come to be called “The Fulcrum”. With the entire resources of a Jovian megastructure at their disposal, it is difficult to gauge the limits of what the Deathless and his organization may achieve in the future.

The system even has Attributes.

Given that “true” 10.0 is unachievable I’m guessing that those are placeholder values.


Not unachievable. I have a char with genuine +10 Angel standing. But it take quite some effort and especially the last few 0.01% are a pain.

Took me a few years, quite a few Epic Arc repetitions with Glamourex in the last few repetitions to get from 9.98 to 10 base.

Considering this effort, the 10 standing for basic services like repair can only be a placeholder, lest CCP changes something with regards to how you gain standings with DC.


With that high of standing you can go to the Angel Cartel COSMOS trade agents and get some rare ship Blueprints with 20% Material Efficiency.


Standings modified by Social skills will probably be accepted, just like with all the other Factions.

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I know; that was one of my main motivations behind this endeavor. But then CCP ruined everything and now these BPCs are worthless. Machariel BPCs go for 40M these days, a 2 run with ME is not worth it after years of effort. I wait and see if CCP ever improves the rewards for this achievement.


Aren’t Angels involved with Deathless along Guristas? Maybe they will pass the referals for your character :slight_smile:

I hope that people with high Angel standing get some kind of benefit in this circle. :innocent:


Yeah they likely are set that high to just make sure nobody who manages to glitch their way in will actually be able to do anything there, there aren’t any agents for the faction so its basically impossible to hit 10.0 with them at this point

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What’s that saying, if you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all.

All you do is ■■■■■ man.

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