Operation Permadeath... I mean Permafrost

While I was working on the Operation Permafrost event I encountered a rather unusual issue that I have been unable to get a straight answer on whether this is intended or not. Upon activating the west acceleration gate in my venture I would go into the warp animation, and when I would land and the warp animation would end I would be in my pod. The kill mail from my most recent loss would show that I had been killed by an invisible cloud. The first time this happened I considered bad luck, and went back to refit. Upon my return the same thing happen again a second time. After this time I was pretty confused by the whole situation so I did not bother with it for the rest of the night, and figured it would work itself out after downtime. Well I went back the next day, and lost another Venture under the same scenario. I should have recorded it but I was not expecting this to happen again. I grabbed a screenshot instead, and when I looked at the screenshot I realized that I was over 1000km away from where the other Venture at the site was at. I opened a support ticket and after some back and forth I have not gotten anywhere expect being told that I should make a forum post on the issue. So i have come here looking for answers as the whole issues seems like a bug. So, has anyone else ran into this issue and where you able to survive the damage from the cloud? Was this intended to be part of the event?


Died to a fart eh?

The logs, they reveal… nothing.
I’ve yet to see CCP fix a bug in an ongoing event - let alone respond to inquiries after an event has concluded. Best of luck, but I think you’ll have more success making an offering to Bob…

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