Operational: Ending Life on Pator IV...with Triglavian Trinary Datastreams

(Annisir Kaugan) #202

Yeah mostly Naupilus exploding

(Gosakumori Noh) #203

He is a Prophet of the Blood God; after all, and explosions do bring his blood closer to the Divine.

Just the other day, perhaps attuned to the Prophet’s wavelength, I was seized with an inspiration to hop in the blockade runner with a cargo hold that could not be scanned, that Golden Beetle, load it up with 1 lump of tritanium, all shield extenders and armor plates on the outside, and head off on auto pilot from Ammar to that place in the State.

I was about to purchase said Golden Beetle when I noticed that the little skill box wasn’t checked. “I beg your pardon!” I barked at the interface. I may only have a third of the cybernetic drip that I “should,” but believe you me I have transport ships and freighters and jump drives and cloaking devices and… oh! Oh, I never capped off basic Industrial.

Well, there you have it. How long would it take? Oh, ■■■■ that. This was a Moment of Inspiration.

Then I thought, well, perhaps it was also A Sign: don’t get involved in the Prophet’s business. Going out there and spreading his vital essence through the void of Creation is what he does, and he does it very well.

(Lasairiona Raske) #204

Party!!! Oh wait that’s already happening.

(Makoto Priano) #205

Oh how wicked, oh how vile?

(Deitra Vess) #206

Nothing of value lost…

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(Arsia Elkin) #207

I’m just saying, for somebody who regularly calls Amarrians with whom he disagrees “Minmatar lovers,” he seems to be somewhat surprisingly right there with us.

Good job on taking down this idiot’s newest sandcastle, Matari pilots.

(Diana Kim) #208

Interracial marriages? Especially with Minmatars?!
Utterly disgusting!

Such a shame! Shame on Mr. Nauplius!!

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(Deitra Vess) #209

You know your part of a lost tribe of Matari right? Just ask Nauplius. I guess your parents were disgusting?


(Durant Aristide) #210

Somewhat pathetic that capsuleers continually have to be the force to deal with this proven madman. Why do CONCORD and the other signatories hold back their might against this proven menace to humanity?! Capsuleerdom should not provide immunity if one has repeatedly proven themselves a waste of oxygen.

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(DutchGunner) #211

Mister Aristide, the answer to that question is a simple one.

CONCORD and the other signatories are a reactive force. This means that they will react after laws have been broken or lines have been crossed. As Nauplius has done neither, their hands are tied

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(Constantin Baracca) #212

I mean, if even the Tribal Councils on any level didn’t take this embarrassment seriously, I doubt Concord would. At the same time, Nauplius has developed something of a track record of actual genocides that they likely should have reacted to already.

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(Arsia Elkin) #213

Nauplius is one of the best examples of CONCORD’s corruption and incompetence. There’s no excuse why that pathetic excuse for a man’s clone contracts aren’t cancelled and him tossed into a star.

(Arrendis) #214

Because the SCC allows capsuleers to trade in slaves, Nauplius’ genocides are not crimes according to CONCORD.

CONCORD says that murdering millions of people is not a crime, as long as you get them onto your vessels or stations first. And all of the empires agree with that, by leaving it to CONCORD’s judgment.

CONCORD is complicit in every one of his crimes, and their leadership should be made to suffer for the same thousand millennia that Nauplius should. And then, if we’re feeling generous, they should be allowed to die.

(Diana Kim) #215

There are way better examples, Captain: CODE and Goons. Yes, CONCORD does some post-factum punishment for certain crimes, but with their intention they certainly could have taken preventive measures, arrest them all and destroy those who resist arrest, or at least revoke their flying licenses on corporation/alliance levels, but no…

(Tanagura Amoii) #216

I would not take action against pilots in very large organizations based solely on their membership in a very large organization. However Enemy Strike Commander Kim, you made a point earlier regarding Sansha Kuvakei that is related to this issue. Freedom includes the freedom to monopolize. Although governments tend to be strongly influenced by trusts, some have at various times put on a show of enforcing anti-trust policies.

It would be within the reasonable extent of CONCORD’s power to periodically review limits on corporate size. Perhaps this is not done because large concentrations are very spectacular, and for whatever reason, CONCORD finds that spectacle appealing.

(Arsia Elkin) #217

Nah. CODE are inconsequential moron cultists whom almost nobody takes seriously and the Goonswarm Alliance doesn’t seem all that different from your average large null security power. They’re just even larger than large and so directly and indirectly affect more people.

Nauplius has, as a single individual, murdered countless individuals, emboldened the enemies of Amarr, and turned people away from the true Faith with the corrupted forgery of our faith that he follows.

(Diana Kim) #218

There is an issue of organized crime and banditism.
Take for example guristas. If you suspect anyone being a member of gurista, you arrest them and the court or tribunal judges them if they were involved in any of the crimes, if they weren’t - they’re just released. But if you find them flying a ship or carrying guns, you’re allowed just to shoot them on contact.

Unfortunately, groups like gurista, serpentis, angels are outside of CONCORD’s reach, but CODE and Goons are - since they’re using capsule technology under control of the said CONCORD. Just “turn them off” and let CODE and Goons fly baseline vessels instead of capsule ships if they want to behave like pirates. You join them - you lose license. You leave them - your license can be renewed. Easy and efficient.

(Taloris Aldercain) #219

If CONCORD did that they who would they have to keep the rest of the capsuleer population fighting among themselves? At least until another collection of capsuleers filled the void.

Edit: I also just remembered the rogue cloning facilities that are still in some areas of New Eden. There’s that little thing to take care of as well.

(Tanagura Amoii) #220

Of course I would not oppose “turning off” members of criminal organizations. However, I do not feel qualified to identify what constitutes such an organization.

The reports CONCORD produces indicate a high level of economic sophistication. Two very prominent concentrations seem to leap off almost every page. I am forced to wonder if CONCORD’s economic experts have concluded that these concentrations are not problematic; or, if other bureaus within CONCORD have overruled the objections of economic staff.

It is potentially a classic illustration of the corrupting influence exercised by large trusts; and I agree with your contention that Sansha Kuvakei presently stands as a penultimate demonstration of how badly the system can fail.

(Diana Kim) #221

Could be said about Mr. Nauplius as well, at least I heard it from somebody.
And CODE might be inconsequential moron cultists, but they still commit crimes, attack ships, murder people.

Average null security power doesn’t call people to “Burn Jita”.

And Goons/CODE do the same but with a multitude of people instead of just one individual. How many there are former Imperial subjects, who betrayed the Faith and started worshipping James or Mittani, or believe they came from Eartch… or how is it spelled?