Opinion: EDENCOM Fortresses in Minmatar space must be turned over to complete Republic control

Perhaps you should inform Elsebeth of that then, as she seems to think that there are Republic forces deployed in Amarr space.

She’s talking about the people manning systems that have been established as Fortresses. I’m talking about the fleet elements that defended systems prior to that status being reached. It’s entirely possible there are RF personnel serving on EDENCOM installations outside the Republic, now that the active invasion seems to have abated for the moment. The two observations aren’t mutually exclusive.

And nowhere did I claim there were active Republic Fleet ships patrolling Caldari space.

You know, this is tiring. Go ahead, by all means, let the Republic and the Empire grind eachother to nothing. I’m not sure why I spoke up for peace in the first place; it’s not my business, in both the figurative and literal sense.

Obviously not. What I was saying was that the EDENCOM defense effort wasn’t really any ‘coming together’. But you know, giving up as soon as people disagree… that’s always a great way to resolve things.

Withdrawing from mutual defence agreements seems like a very good way to signal that the Republic is not invested in maintaining the peace and cooperation that the CONCORD agreement is supposed to signify.

The Republic acting as a rogue state in such a manner will do more to escalate this incident than anything that has happened to date, so I hope that that their authorities do not listen to demands such as the original post in this thread.

Your mercenaries bombing inhabited planets from orbit, while the CEMWPA clarifications about ground warfare have not gone through yet, and while your Navy and the governing House forces help by clearing Republic forces attempting to defend… seems a good way to signal not being interested in maintaining peace to me, too.


What you say is incorrect. Throughout the invasions, the Caldari Navy was on the backfoot. Only ships with launcher hardpoints were seconded to EDENCOM. Trying to take down Damaviks and Kikimoras with cruise missiles and heavy missiles was a horrible mistake. On top of that, the shields weren’t properly calibrated and the Triglavians’ equivalent of Mjolnir missiles went straight through. And then there was the incomprehensible insistence on concentrating all of the electronic countermeasures on singular Triglavian ships, followed by concentrating all fire on it to further undermine the point of jamming them in the first place.

Multiple Caldari capsuleers who attempted to aid the navy all reported these things to the home front. Naval high command was aware of the situation. They were arrested and replaced with CSF officers before they could act. Then something, or someone, prevented them from switching to a railgun doctrine, even as loyalist Capsuleers flocked to the Naga and the Ferox with Osprey support in droves with great success.

This refusal to adapt saw sixteen systems sucked into another dimension, countless other systems overrun and billions of citizens killed or stranded behind enemy lines. Only one in five invaded Caldari systems was successfully defended. I will maintain until my last dying breath that this could have been prevented if the shortcomings were addressed. Those responsible should take the necessary steps to restore their lost honour.