Option to choose starting location for new characters

Since all default starting locations spreaded so far from each other, but character’s origin doesn’t make sence for gameplay, can we get an option to choose ji… starting location after creating new character? Simply because character’s origin greatly influences on their look and there is quite enough Caldari faces around.

Starting location is determined by chosen university, not bloodline.

Unless you are talking about rolling one race but having it start in another race’s space? That doesn’t make much sense.

Indeed, if someone want to create Amarr character, they should make 40+ jumps to safely move to jita, doesn’t make sence at all.

You know you can install your medical clone on arrival right? If you die, you’ll respawn in your chosen location, not in your starting location. Likewise, you can install jump clones anywhere. It doesn’t make sense for your chosen race to start off in another race’s territory.

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This is such a niche situation it doesn’t warrant a change.

The vast majority of new characters aren’t going to move to jita. They’re going to explore local space, run some missions etc.

And in that case staying where they are will be better as the npc’s they encounter will be suited to their weaponry.


You can set your home station to your current station, your school headquarters or one of your corporation’s offices.

That’s what game says. Maybe you such a good player who know how to jump there and here, but newbies don’t know, and don’t even should know at the start about how to do that. But in every newbie guide it says that everything can be bought in Jita, and to start closely to Jita you should make Caldari character. Most of players follow by this guides. Current new character spawning place is no more than just gamedesign issue that 90% of players avoid.

Here is an opportunity to learn: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Clones

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FYI, when I first started, I had no idea what Jita was or why I should go there. I learned about Jita from a corp mate. It took at least a couple of weeks.

In any case, if you really want to “start” in Jita, then just autopilot your new character to Jita and go to work or go to sleep. Problem solved. If you happen to be unlucky enough to get podded, then just try again. You have no assets to lose as a freshly rolled character.

If potentially getting podded is the end of the world, then read while manually piloting. Also not a big deal unless you are creating armies of characters. In which case, why are creating armies of characters that, A) absolutely must “start” in Jita, and B) absolutely cannot be podded if unlucky?

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So, CCP got rid of the race confirmation dialogue box because they found it was tripping people up. Choosing a race is a rather inconsequential decision, but new players don’t know that. And the warning box made them reluctant to proceed because they don’t want to make an uninformed decision that could have lasting consequences.

I’d imagine that making new players chose a starting location would likely have a similar effect. It’s a rather inconsequential decision (you can always move assets and set up new clones and home stations), and most players would have no idea what they’d like to pick.


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