Orbit informations, how to get them ? And how to set them precisely?


how can i see orbit informations in game ?

like :

  • apoapsis and periapis
  • the inclinaison of the orbit relative to equator’s primary
  • orbital speed relative to primary
  • time to apoapsis and periapis
  • full orbit time if applicable (stable orbit, if not time to collision/interception)
  • orbit excentricity

And how to set such orbit precisely in game,

is there a “orbit at 20km-70km” to set a excentric orbit for example.

And if the above is doable, do hohmann transfers are usefull in the game ? For closing a target without using engine, like a big burn far from the target and then let the ship derive to target with engine off, assuming target is not changing course or speed. And then burning again to circularize around target and engage target.

thanks a lot.

I think Kerbal Space Program will be more satisfying for you to play than EvE.


EVE is not a sim. Not even in space. We fly submarines not space ships.


yeah i’am playing a lot of ksp already, since alpha, and space engineers too, but i’m missing some pvp fighting with realistic space simulation.

Well you aren’t going to find that in Eve.

No, you will not find that kind of information about Orbits in the game and there is no way to set the type of orbits you are suggesting in EVE Online.

Our orbital bodies don’t even move, they are in fixed positions. This game isn’t about space realism.

were in space. What equator would we possibly use?

relative to the planet.

i understand that it’s more like an arcade game, i’m playing for ten days now and i’m used to this unrealistic feeling.

In some other games, if your engines fail, you drift in space out of control forever, space travel is not a simple task and every trip need to be planed in advance, fuel calculations and so on. Travelling to one planet to another is an achievement.

But that arcade style in eve is more easier to play and more easier to code i think.

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