Orca buff - Industrial Micro Jump Field Generator

The orca sucks at its job, that job being miner boosting. The Porpoise is cheap and relatively mobile at the price of sturdiness and boost power. The Rorqual is expensive but tanky as hell and gives the best boosts, as well as a jump drive. The orca… combines all the worst qualities of these ships, and eschews the best. It’s hard to move around because it lacks a jump drive and wastes ansiblex ozone. It’s too expensive to easily shrug off the loss of one, and its boosts are barely better than the porpoise.

I’m not going to pretend that this solves all the Orca’s problems, but it might just suck less. Introducing the Industrial Micro Jump Field Generator. It’s basically a boosh module, but only for barges and haulers. I intended this module to help address the Orca’s inability to get off a grid since it can’t tank nearly as much as a rorqual. The field radius would be significantly larger than a command destroyer’s to let the fleet spread out a bit. I was thinking 30km. The boosh would work in highsec without giving suspect or criminal timers but be limited to fleetmates only. In low/null/WH space all industrials would be booshed regardless of fleet status.

I was somewhat inspired by the PANIC module and industrial bridging of the Rorqual and sought to bring a smaller version of that to the Orca. I see this allowing you to reposition a mining fleet to get to other rocks, or boosh your fleet away from enemies so they can warp off.

So, a get-out-of-a-gank-free module for Orcas in high sec. No thanks…

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So you want a boosh in high sec that does not get you CONCORDED, does not require positioning of your fleet members because of the massive range, and does not even take possible enemies with you but only takes you and your friends?

In short, you want to make it a much, much easier to use version of the regular MJFG for Orcas, to take your entire mining fleet out of the clutches of hostile players in case you saw them coming too late?

No support.

(If you want a boosh while mining, nothing stops you from putting mining boosts on a Command Destroyer.)

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